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What flavor of coffee do you like? Let's do it yourself!

Do you think that there is no way to concentrate on working without a cup of coffee every day? Coffee has become an indispensable fast-moving consumer in our lives and work, but sometimes it is too lazy to go out to buy coffee, instant coffee can not satisfy their taste buds, what should we do? Take a good look at this article, teach you to stay at home, you can do your own coffee!

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First, popularize the types of our common coffee.

1 Laffe Coffee (Caffe Latte)
Italian coffee, which is a fancy coffee with a larger proportion of milk in the thick espresso (Espresso). There is a gentle blend of milk, so that the sweet and fragrant coffee is smooth and sweet, sweet and rich, and it is a nostalgic taste of the latte.

2 Cappuccino
Italian coffee, which is a blend of the same amount of Italian espresso and steamed foamed milk. Drinking the first bite, I feel the sweetness and softness of the milk foam, and the second bite tastes the bitterness and richness of the coffee. The mellow and mellow coffee.
3 Mocha Coffee (Mocha)
It is a blend of the same amount of espresso, chocolate coffee, milk, and fresh cream. Mocha coffee has a chocolate-like taste and a unique flavor. It has a noble temperament and a unique pure coffee.

4 Macchiato
A blend of coffee and foam, just add a layer of milk foam to the coffee.

5 white coffee
It is a mixture of equal amount of milk and espresso. It is a coffee bean that does not add caramel and is directly baked at a low temperature to retain the original flavor of the original coffee. The palate is smooth and fragrant.
How to make different kinds of coffee at home

A must-have tool for making coffee at home is the coffee machine. There are of course some other coffee machines. Siphon pot, moka pot, French filter pot.

1 Coffee machine: There is an American coffee drip machine on the market, Italian steam coffee machine. American coffee drip machine: Soak the water by electric power and soak it. More suitable for young people with petty bourgeoisie and trouble.

The Italian espresso machine is a machine that uses high pressure and high temperature to allow steam to quickly extract coffee through coffee powder. The optimum temperature for brewing coffee is between 90 and 98 degrees, and the temperature control is well controlled. It also has a milk bubbler and a function to warm the cup.

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2 Siphon pot: Under the burning of the alcohol lamp, the water temperature in the lower container reaches 92 degrees Celsius, the water flow is sucked into the upper container of the coffee powder, and after soaking, stirring, the coffee is made.

3 Moka pot: Quickly dissolve coffee powder with pressurized hot water to extract coffee liquid. The water is boiled in the lower part to produce steam pressure, and the boiling water rises. After passing through the filter pot of the coffee powder, when the coffee flows to the upper part, the fire is turned off.
4 French Filter Press: A coffee pot with the function of a tea maker. The method of soaking is to release the essence of the coffee by the method of boiling water and coffee powder.
Two different types of coffee production method

1 latte
Materials needed: deep roasted coffee beans, syrup (chocolate syrup, vanilla syrup), milk.

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Equipment: Italian steam coffee machine
Production process:
a. Warm the cup and pour the hot water into the insulated cup to raise the temperature of the cup.
The water is poured out. Another method is to place the coffee cup in the heat storage area of ​​the espresso machine. When the extract is concentrated, the cup has a temperature.
b After grinding the deep-roasted coffee beans, pour them into the filler and flatten them with the powder press. Then use a pressure applicator to hold the extract of the espresso machine and extract the Espresso. The extraction time is generally 20-25 seconds depending on the actual conditions of the filling. The amount is 30ml
c If you are making an original latte, you can add chocolate syrup to the extracted Espresso. Usually 6-8 ml. Other flavors can be added to different flavors of syrup.
d Take an appropriate amount of milk and place it under the steam mouth of the espresso machine to make a mixture of high-temperature milk and milk foam. It should not exceed 90 degrees, otherwise it will destroy the milk foam.
e Mix the milk and milk foam up and down to shake the milk foam with the milk.

2 Mocha Coffee
Need materials: Italy concentrated 30 ml, the amount of chocolate sauce, the amount of fresh cream, the amount of milk.
Equipment: Moka pot
Production process:
a Fill the lower chamber with water, fill the filter with coffee powder, and fill it up. The upper and lower chambers are screwed in and placed on a fire for cooking.
b Moka pot is small in size, elegant in appearance, simple in operation and fast in brewing, so it is very suitable for families.

3 cappuccino
On the basis of Italian espresso, adding a thick layer of bubble milk becomes a cappuccino. Milk and foam are important factors in determining cappuccino. Pour the skimmed milk into the pot. The bubbler is frothed and breathed. The cappuccino cup should be warm, pouring milk and milk foam onto the espresso, naturally forming a white liquid.