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How much water do people drink in a day?

How much water do people drink in a day?

2018-11-08 14:55:11
Some people will let you drink more water when you have a cold in your life. If you have a stomachache, some people will let you drink more water. Even if you don't have any pain, everyone says that you can drink more water. Drinking water every day, but do you know how to drink is healthy? On this point, a well-known science expert, Professor Wang Fang of Beijing Hospital, introduced it in his book "The blood vessels are refreshing and live a hundred years old".

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How much water does the human body need in a day?

How much water should a normal person drink every day? Generally speaking, the total amount required for normal human body to maintain operation is about 2,500 ml. There are three main forms of water entering the human body. One is direct drinking water, the other is water in food, and the third is water produced by its own metabolism. This is Minimal. According to China's dietary guidelines, the daily drinking water should be 6-8 glasses of water without a lot of sweating and environmental humidity. A disposable cup is the amount of a cup, about 200ml, so it should be 1200~1600ml.

The amount of direct drinking water is good, and the water in the food is more complicated. Vegetables, fruits, rice and steamed bread are rich in water in daily life. Generally speaking, the water content of vegetables is about 90%, the water content of fruits is about 85%~90%, the water content of rice is about 65%, and the water content of fresh lean meat and fish is about 70%. Therefore, people with a heart can accurately calculate the amount of water according to their three meals a day.

In general, even if there are special circumstances to follow, drinking water should not be less than 500ml a day, in most cases should not exceed 3000ml, uremia, heart failure patients should control the amount of drinking water, gout, kidney stones patients may need to add more water.

What kind of water are we suitable for?

There is too much water to choose from today, and the most drinking is boiled water, but the scale in the kettle is also suspicious. In fact, this does not mean that the water quality is poor. This only indicates that the calcium and magnesium content in it is high, that is, the hardness of the water is relatively large, and it is not necessary to be too disgusted.

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There are no polluted waters in nature, and lakes and lakes are all weakly alkaline. This makes it impossible for friends living in the city to meet the needs. Relatively speaking, in addition to water molecules, pure water is popular in the market. It is artificially added with minerals, and the acid-base balance of water has been broken.

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Tea is a good source of hydration and also meets the health requirements of sugar-free, salt-free and fat-free. Tea can provide a lot of potassium and polyphenolic antioxidants, as long as it is not very concentrated, it generally does not affect the absorption of minerals.
It is recommended that barley tea, buckwheat tea, and brown rice tea have a fragrant taste and can provide the necessary potassium for the body. Drinking before eating is good for digestion, and drinking before going to bed is not easy to affect sleep.