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How to Make a Mai Tai Cocktail

Mai Tai, Tahitian for "Out of This World - The Best," was created by Victor J. "Trader Vic" Bergeron in 1944. Crafted from premium rums and a hit of f...

Royal Stainless Steel Wine Goblets

The stainless steel wine goblets in E-BONare quite dainty. You are sure to love and embrace the way in which they areetched with intricate and authent...
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Industry News

Cooperative Bank of the Netherlands: In the future, from “functional food” to “technical functional
Release on2019-05-07Today, the market share of more and more large food companies in the global market is being eroded by some emerging small brands that have achieved go...Read More
PepsiCo launched a self-driving "snack robot" to American universities
Release on2019-05-06PepsiCo has become the first major food and beverage company in the United States to use snack-delivery robots because its self-driving snack snack ro...Read More
Selenium is an important element in maintaining human health
Release on2019-05-05Professor Combs of Cornell University, a well-known nutritionist, has repeatedly pointed out that the important discovery in the nutrition industry in...Read More
US Soybean Export Association: Thanks to Chinese customers
Release on2019-04-30“The United States continues to produce innovative, nutritious and high-quality soybeans, but everything cannot be separated from the support of impo...Read More
Brazilian coffee consumption is 6 times more than the global average
Release on2019-04-29The well-known consulting firm Euromonitor International pointed out that Brazilians are well-known for their enthusiasm for coffee. In 2018, Brazil's...Read More
Swiss government announced that it will cancel the coffee bean reserve system
Release on2019-04-28The Swiss government announced a plan to cancel the emergency food reserve system for coffee beans that has been in operation for decades. It is under...Read More
Can the plastic lunch box be heated? Long-term use or harm to the kidneys
Release on2019-04-26The plastic lunch box is a plastic container made of food grade plastic raw materials for the convenience of us to take food. It is a household plasti...Read More
French seismographs first heard of Mars "heartbeat" sound: inspiring
Release on2019-04-25The French National Space Research Center announced on the 23rd that the French seismograph on the US Mars probe "Insight" first detected Mars vibrati...Read More
Research says global warming exacerbates economic inequality between countries
Release on2019-04-24A new study by Stanford University in the United States shows that global warming has exacerbated economic inequality between countries since the 1960...Read More
Avocado's "calorie economics"
Release on2019-04-23The public participates in the management of the body, in the final analysis, it is because of the "clam" Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl manufacturer phe...Read More
The WTO’s ruling against China is not a victory for either side.
Release on2019-04-22In response to the US dispute settlement lawsuit on import tariff quota management measures for wheat, rice and corn in China in December 2016, the Wo...Read More
NBA offseason, hot play give way, how is the US March crazy?
Release on2019-04-19This season's NBA regular season is over. The Pistons, Hornets and Heats have become more enthusiastic about the last playoff ticket. Wade, who played...Read More
Investigation: Nearly 70% of Japanese are affirming the restart of commercial whaling
Release on2019-04-18Comprehensive report, on April 17, local time, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the results of public opinion surveys on its diploma...Read More
Collective big layoffs, what happened to Japanese pharmaceutical companies?
Release on2019-04-17The Japanese New Overseas Chinese News Network said that for a long time, the pharmaceutical industry has been one of the most gold-rich industries in...Read More
Hot water? Still ice water? Drinking water must be warm or cold?
Release on2019-04-16It’s a trivial thing to mention this drinking, but do you know? The water temperature of this drinking water is also really stressful. Stainless stee...Read More
Sports Health: What is the purpose and significance of fitness sports?
Release on2019-04-16In the process of fitness, everyone must pay attention to the supplement of water, because a lot of sweat will be lost during the fitness process. St...Read More
Songkran Festival in Thailand, the daily life of Chiang Mai citizens
Release on2019-04-12To the small town of Chiang Mai, the first thing I feel is the tranquility here. Walking on the slope of the ancient city, there is a fresh air mixed ...Read More
Cleaning and maintenance of the bar - purchase knowledge of the bar
Release on2019-04-11Bar counter Originally referred to as bars, Internet cafes and other playgrounds with cashier services, it now extends to some space in the home. Thro...Read More
The energy of a bottle of beer is equal to a steamed buns?
Release on2019-04-10Beer is also called ale, which belongs to exotic wines. The name of beer is “beer” translated into Chinese according to English Beer, so it is calle...Read More
Japan, the United States and Europe waste plastics are rejected by China
Release on2019-04-09In July 2017, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Implementation Plan for the Reform of the Import Management System for the Prohibit...Read More