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Why do you like coffee?

Have you found that more and more people like coffee around!

Every morning or afternoon, you must have a cup of coffee; WeChat friends circle a variety of coffee shops; whether you are on a business trip or travel, you must go to the local network red shop to drink signature coffee; weekend break, or hug A cup of coffee is at home, or you can go to a friend to visit the store...

What makes everyone like coffee so much?

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- 1 -

Like the taste of coffee

Speaking of the taste of coffee, it is undeniable that people who drink coffee at first can't accept its bitterness, even if it is a sweet coffee with a high degree of sweetness.

Fortunately, like coffee and beer, I like it when I drink and drink. In addition to bitterness, I slowly drink the acidity of various fruits and drink the sweetness of chocolate...

So that on the coffee taste trip, go further and further. In order to drink a satisfying flavor, from exploring the store to learning from the teacher, then to roasting the coffee beans, running the coffee producing areas to find beans, and finally entering the coffee industry, opening stores, selling beans...

- 2 -

Like the environment of a coffee shop

I believe that many people like coffee because they like the environment of a coffee shop. They often need to date, work in a coffee shop, or just find a place to stay for a while. The coffee is too much. Over time, they like the coffee itself.

Many coffee shops, the environment is very comfortable, there are food, drink, air conditioning, wifi, has become a lot of people's office and living room!

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- 3 -

Forced to like coffee

Forced to like coffee, don't believe it, there are really many people for this reason!

Colleagues and friends around me are drinking coffee, and you are still drinking tea and drinking drinks; everyone is talking about Yage Xuefei and Rose Summer, washing and sun drying, and you look like you can’t make a speech, for a long time. Now, you are getting marginalized!

How to do? Coffee is up, coffee knowledge is learned!

When you are involved in everyone's coffee time, suddenly found that they like coffee, but also out of control!

- 4 -

I like coffee because I like someone.

Someone likes coffee very much, or someone's work is related to coffee, and you just like someone, in the spirit of "love house and black", you will unwittingly like coffee!

How many people fell in love with a handsome barista in a coffee shop and became "not in a coffee shop, just on the way to a coffee shop!"

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- 5 -

I like all kinds of feelings related to coffee.

I like this kind of tune in the coffee shop, I like this style of holding coffee every day!

Industrial style coffee shop, American style coffee shop, cold and cold coffee shop... I like the style of various coffee shops. As long as I am in a coffee shop, I am inexplicably in a good mood!

When you are working, come for a cup; when you have a meeting, come for a drink; when you are shopping, come for a drink; when you are in a daze, come for a drink; when you are happy, come for a drink; when you are depressed, come for a cup... With this cup, you feel With the whole world, everything is fine!

In fact, like coffee, it is not because of the taste of coffee, nor because of the environment of the coffee shop, or other; but because we are used to having it, it is already part of our work and life, and is integrated into our lives!