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These foods should be eaten before training and competition

Before running long distances:

Long-distance running is usually defined as 60 minutes or more. Lizzie Kasparek, a sports nutritionist at the Sanford Sports Science Institute in the United States, said that the diet before long-distance running is equivalent to the breakfast that needs to be eaten on the day of the competition.

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Long-distance running consumes more energy than sprinting, which means that the food eaten before running is relatively more and the digestion time is longer. Therefore, Caspalek recommends that runners eat food 2 to 4 hours in advance.

“Whether you give yourself a few hours or only one hour to digest, focus on carbohydrates,” Kasparek said. Because carbohydrates are used preferentially in the body, they can quickly provide energy to the body. Bananas, oatmeal, rice, bagels, peanut butter, etc. are good choices.

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Recommended: A small bowl of oatmeal with a few bananas on it. If your stomach is too sensitive, you can choose to eat half a bagel with peanut butter or white rice.

Before sprint/intermittent training:

Usually, sprint training does not last more than 60 minutes. Although this training is short, it is very strong and consumes less calories than long runs. Therefore, you still need to consume carbohydrates, and some runners may need to replenish protein.

“You need to provide your body with fast carbohydrates for immediate use,” Kasparek said.

Recommended: regular yogurt with blueberries or bananas, or a small amount of dry cereal with peanut butter.

Before running easily:

Kaspalik said that most of the food is not needed before it is easy to run because it does not consume much energy.

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If you run easily in the morning, you don't need to eat any food before running. After breakfast, you can have breakfast for your body to recover. At this time, breakfast requires 15 to 25 grams of protein in addition to carbohydrates.

If it's an easy run in the afternoon, just omitting your afternoon tea, but Kasparek recommends dinner.

Recommended: Take eggs in the morning with toast or milk with oatmeal. Infuse with fish and rice after running in the afternoon or evening.

Before the game:

A big taboo in the diet before the game is to eat strange food. If you are playing a short distance, such as 5K or 10K, then the food you eat before the game should be roughly the same as the food you eat before the sprint/intermittent training. If you are playing a half horse or a full horse, the food you eat before the game should be roughly the same as that before the long distance training. But remember, you must give yourself plenty of time to digest.