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Baby's tableware is very important, how should mothers choose?

In the six months of the baby, the treasure mothers should add food supplements to him. At this time, the baby will also use his own tableware. Therefore, the treasure mothers should pay special attention when selecting, if the tableware is selected well. The baby feels very happy, and maybe also eats and makes the mother more worry-free~

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Next, let's take a look at it, how to choose the baby's tableware?

First, the material of the tableware
The quality of the material is an important consideration for mothers when purchasing tableware for their baby. There are also many materials used in tableware on the market, such as plastic, ceramics, and stainless steel.

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Among them, plastic tableware contains more chemicals and is not heat-resistant. If it is used to hold overheated food, it may cause deformation of tableware. Ceramic tableware is ideal, but it is inevitable because the baby will be careless when it is naughty. The tableware fell to the ground, not only need to be replaced, but the mothers also prevent such things from happening again, so the ceramic tableware is also passed.

Next is stainless steel cutlery, generally 304 stainless steel can meet the safety of baby tableware use, but also very easy to clean, but 316 stainless steel is better material, it is a medical grade material, the quality is more quality and safe, for the baby as The use of tableware is a perfect fit.

Second, the style of the tableware
When the mothers choose the tableware for the baby, they will find that there are so many styles of the little baby's cutlery, such as round, oval, square and other various styles. Sometimes the mothers are easy to pick the eyes. In fact, when choosing a tableware for your baby, you should pay more attention to practicality. Don't be attracted by the variety of styles. The more practical, the more convenient the tableware is, the more suitable it is for your baby.

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Third, the function of tableware
The function of the baby tableware is also very important. Bao Ma needs to pay attention to the details when purchasing. For example, when the baby is still young, the bowl can be selected with a suction cup at the bottom, which is not easy to be knocked over.

The baby is a little bigger, and the bowl has a round bowl with handles on both sides. This is not only convenient for the baby to hold, but also can improve the grasping ability of his hand. The spoon can choose the style of the scoop head, which is very convenient for him to eat when he does not learn to eat.