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The basic guide for reducing fat diet teaches you to eat a good body

The production of reduced fat meal during fat loss has always been the most frequently discussed topic of fat-reducing people, and how to make a fat-reducing meal with low calorie calorie has become a common concern of the majority of fat-reducing people. It is also circulating in the fat-reducing food industry. The basic guidelines for various types of fat-reducing diets are somewhat unreliable. In general, you should pay attention to some tips to reduce weight for three meals. You can see the guidelines for these fat-reducing diets:

1 Guarantee the intake of three meals, diet is useless! There are many students, especially female classmates, who start dieting for a good body, eat a meal a day, and only eat vegetables and fruits. The last two articles explain why dieting is not desirable. Today, I want to tell you that you can't have three meals a day! Breakfast: Whether you are fitness or not, breakfast is the top priority for three meals a day. Breakfast must be rich. A rich breakfast can provide you with enough energy and improve your body's basal metabolism and fat. Can burn faster! And a hearty breakfast will reduce your hunger and help you say goodbye to snacks! Lunch: The quality of lunch is related to the efficiency of your afternoon study. Try to eat foods that increase satiety and calories, such as a variety of fruit and vegetable salads, or use porridge instead of rice. You can eat six or seven minutes. Dinner: Dinner should be eaten as much as possible at around 5 or 6 o'clock to ensure good absorption and digestion before the body's organs are tired. Dinner must be partial, with carbohydrate-based foods as the mainstay. It is enough to eat 80%, and try not to eat after 8:00 in the evening.   

2 Eat less and eat more Whether you are reducing fat or gaining muscles, following the principle of eating less and eating more will help you achieve your goals better! Divide the energy you need every day, and then take it in multiples, for example, at 10 am and 3 pm. Add some nuts, fruits, or yogurt to your meal. 3 less oil, less salt, less sugar Every meal must follow this principle. Oils, salt and sugar are natural enemies of fat loss. Oil and sugar are high-calorie foods, and one gram of oil can produce up to nine thousand calories. Salt will lock the water in the body, making the water in the body difficult to discharge, causing the circulation of the human body to slow down, which is naturally detrimental to fat loss. So whether at home or outside, every meal must be guaranteed less salt, less oil, less sugar. 4 Carbohydrates are important Carbohydrates are composed of three elements: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Because they contain two to one hydrogen and oxygen, they are like carbohydrates. Generally speaking, sugar, cereals, fruits, dried fruits, etc. are all carbohydrates. Carbohydrates supply the energy needed by people to maintain the normal function of brain cells. Some time ago, some students asked me why I was dizzy when I was exercising. Under my pressure, she told the truth. Because carbohydrates are rich in sugar, she quit the carbohydrates. At this time, the concentration of blood sugar will drop, which will lead to dizziness, cold sweat, and even coma.

I will give three suggestions for this hungry: 1. Change the staple food to coarse grains (such as brown rice) 2, try to reduce the intake of sweets 3. Choose as many vegetables, fresh fruits, potatoes and beans as possible. 5 intake of high protein foods Every cell in the body, especially the muscles, needs protein to build, so it is important to supplement the protein. It can speed up muscle recovery after exercise and promote growth, and protein digestion takes a long time, so there will be a strong feeling of fullness. High protein foods: beef, chicken breast, egg white, fish and more. During the fat loss period, we must ensure the comprehensiveness of nutrient intake, so that the nutrition of the fat loss process will be more fully supplemented. The good fat loss and fat reduction recipe can make your fat ratio drop significantly, and the different production methods also reduce Fat meals have become more delicious.