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In the days of waiting, study hard, exercise, humble and be a deep root, and then flourish in the fu

In the days of waiting, study hard, exercise, humble and be a deep root, and then flourish in the future.
Compared to regret, I prefer the soreness of the next day, life has never been easier, you are becoming stronger little by little.
Laziness is a very strange thing. It makes you think that it is comfort, rest, and blessing; but in reality it gives you boring, burnout, depression; it deprives you of hope for the future, cuts you and others. The friendship between you makes your heart narrower and more and more skeptical about life.

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Sometimes, once you start running, you only run for 10 minutes, and you will naturally complete the entire route and get a great satisfaction.
When there is no motivation, think about the joy and relaxed mood after running each time before, your hesitation will vanish and start to run only.
Don't let you be a fat man in your best time.
In the same way, the road you ran has never deceived you, they settled in your spirit, and everyone can feel your change.
Most afraid of a person posing a bitter, you have no confidence in yourself, how can others have confidence in you? If you don't work well, you can vent your anger.

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Dissatisfied with the external situation, you can work hard from other aspects, life is not smooth, you can read the book and meditate, always find a way to be responsible for yourself, the most useless is to show me the worst, I can't let myself relax for a few days, watching Movie, go out for a run!
So please don't say: When I have time, I can go to exercise. When I make enough money, I can honor my parents. When I have time, I can accompany you. When I am developed, I can do good. When we have money, health is gone.
By the time we make enough money, our parents can't wait. When we are really free, the lover has left, and when it is developed, the mentality has changed.

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Fitness, filial piety, companionship, and good deeds can be done at any time! Don't wait! In life and work, everyone will bow down, no matter what people complain, others will be others, and few people really take your injury as their own pain. Some people think that you are invincible, then follow them, others don't know, you don't have to refute to listen to him.

If you choose yourself, you will move forward, and if you are tired, don’t stop. This life earnestly worked hard, insisted on exercising, and lived with peace of mind.