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Obvious medical examination, normal diet, health, why sudden heart failure?

Obvious medical examination, normal diet, health, why sudden heart failure?

2018-12-04 15:38:40
So in our body, there are a lot of people who are doing healthy eating habits to make our body more perfect, then you know? There are some healthy eating habits, why do some brain deaths suddenly occur? Will it bring a lot of impact and harm to our body? Let us take a look at a specific aspect of the introduction.

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The cause of myocardial infarction is related to this home cooking.

According to the doctor, Ms. Zhang usually loves the dish of tomato scrambled eggs. And this is almost done by everyone, is the convenient and delicious dish really related to Ms. Zhang’s acute myocardial infarction?

The answer is true.

The raw material of tomato scrambled eggs is very healthy, but the problem lies in its cooking method. If you want to make the eggs in tomato scrambled eggs more fluffy, you should put more oil, and the lecithin in the eggs Fat has an emulsification effect, so it is rare to eat a greasy feeling in tomato scrambled eggs, but it also allows us to ingest more oil invisibly.

The doctors in the program also mentioned that Ms. Zhao loves to eat sweet mouth, and more sugar is added to the tomato scrambled eggs, which makes the original healthy ingredients unhealthy.

If you add a lot of sugar, salt and oil during cooking, long-term consumption will undoubtedly endanger the health of blood vessels.

Vascular health to myocardial infarction only three steps

According to cardiovascular experts, the early manifestations of many diseases are very hidden, and there are no clinical symptoms. Even if the medical report shows normal status, it cannot be 100% proof that there is no health risk.

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Three signs of health problems in blood vessels:

Intravascular thickening

This is a sign of concealment of cardiovascular disease. It is not only found in people with cardiovascular disease, but also in healthy people.

Studies have shown that in people without three high-risk traditional risk factors, 50% of people have an increase in intravascular medial thickness, but no clinical symptoms.

The normal intima thickness should be less than 1mm. If it exceeds 1.5mm, the risk of myocardial infarction doubles within 8 years!

2, small patches appear

Under the constant stimulation of internal or external causes, small atherosclerotic plaques gradually appear in the endocardium. However, stable small plaques have little effect on blood flow and may be completely devoid of symptoms.

3, large plaques appear

Usually, the small plaque is small in size, the outer envelope is thicker, the content is less, and the texture is also harder, like a small dumpling with thick skin. Relatively speaking, it is more stable and safe.

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However, when small plaques gradually become large plaques, the volume will continue to grow, and the outer envelope will become thinner and thinner, and the texture will be softer and very unstable. Once the capsule ruptures, the contents are squeezed out to form a thrombus that further blocks the already narrowed lumen, causing no blood flow to the distal end and inducing myocardial infarction.

Therefore, we must always pay attention to the health of the body and go to the hospital for regular medical check-ups. I think if Ms. Zhao can go to the hospital for a regular check-up every year for three years, she can also find the lesions early and start treatment.

Prepare commercial insurance early

Many people are asking why it seems that people are getting sick more and more now.

In fact, this is closely related to our living environment and lifestyle. Environmental pollution problems, food safety, housing safety, etc. all may endanger our health. At the same time, we are under competitive pressure, working overtime and working overtime. It is a daily routine for many people in the workplace, and many people’s lifestyles are ", love junk food, sedentary, irregular work and so on are all potential killers of health."

At the same time, due to the prolongation of life expectancy, major diseases that rarely occur in the past will also appear as the body functions decline.

We should promptly follow the right way to help and understand. It is the best to avoid the death of labor and bring such a big impact to our body. We can also exercise or eat, so that we can Bringing our bodies to very good health and making our lives more perfect.