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The choice of baby food supplement related equipment is particular

Before the baby just starts to eat complementary food, parents should consider feeding the baby to choose the right tableware. Some treasure moms may think it is too early, but in fact, paying attention to the tableware problem early helps to develop from the very beginning. Baby's good eating habits, while also training the baby's hand movement skills through the grip of the tableware

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The baby's immunity is not mature. In order to be safe, the baby's tableware can't be mixed with adults, and it should be disinfected. There have been cases in which the baby was infected by dysentery and sent to the hospital for rescue. Therefore, parents must not be taken lightly in this regard.

1. Prepare separate tableware for your baby. Don't neglect this serious problem because of trouble. Bowls, chopsticks, small spoons, plates, pacifiers, bottles and other utensils should be prepared, and it is best to prepare a few more.

2. It is strictly forbidden to mix and use. The baby's tableware should be used exclusively. The use of children's and adults' tableware can easily lead to cross infection.

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3. Strict disinfection, baby's tableware is used frequently, pollution is serious, and strict tableware disinfection is required. Every time you use a meal, immediately clean it with running water, then thoroughly disinfect it. It is best to use traditional physical disinfection. It is not suitable to use chemical disinfection. Disinfected tableware should be kept safe to prevent secondary pollution

Some related foods for baby babies have spoons, bowls, cups, bibs, etc. What are the choices for these appliances?
The spoon for feeding the baby is suitable for the size of the teaspoon. Too big is easy to cause the baby to nausea. The baby prefers the round and soft material of the spoon, which will not stimulate the baby's mouth. When the baby starts to eat by himself, it is best to use a light and curved spoon, or use the baby spoon on the market that handles the handle into a ring.

In the eyes of the baby are toys, including the bowl, his attitude towards the toy is to bite, throw, in order to avoid food spills everywhere, use the bottom with a suction cup, fixed on the dining chair when eating, and The bowl for the baby should be flat, light, slightly larger and beautiful.

3. Cup
The lightweight and non-breakable cup is suitable for the baby to practice drinking independently. The cup with straw is not convenient to clean. It can be used only when going out. You can use a normal cup at home.

4. Bib, gown
Just half a year ago, just prevent your baby from soiling your chest, and using a bib is enough. But after half a year, as your baby's range of activities increases, you need to prepare a gown with sleeves. The length of the bib should at least cover the abdomen, because it can catch the food residue that the baby has fallen, and the neck part should be comfortable and convenient to wear. The bib and gown can be made of pure cotton, and it is best to have an impervious veneer on the bottom to prevent getting wet inside.

In order to be safe, you should also pay attention to the material and shape of your baby's tableware.

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1. Try to avoid using colored tableware for your baby.
Some pigments used in colored tableware may be harmful to the baby's body. For example, the pigment used in the drawing of the inside of ceramic utensils, the main raw material is colored glaze, and the colored glaze contains a large amount of lead, and the acidic food can dissolve the lead in the colored glaze. The lead on the other painted chopsticks will dissolve in the food, and the peeled paint pieces can also enter the digestive tract directly. The baby absorbs lead six times faster than the adult. If the baby's lead content is too high, it will affect his mental development.

2. Choose the right material
Baby tableware is usually made of plastic, stainless steel, bamboo, and melamine. Plastic tableware is made of polymer compound. It will add some solvents, plasticizers and coloring agents during processing. It has certain toxicity and is easy to adhere to grease stains. It is difficult to clean and is not ideal for tableware. Nickel and chromium in stainless steel tableware are heavy metals, and it is necessary to select qualified products produced by regular manufacturers. Tableware made of glass, ceramics, etc. is not suitable for babies because it is heavy and fragile.

3. Sharp tableware is easy to hurt your baby
The baby's positioning ability and balance ability are poor, using sharp cutlery such as knives, forks, etc., it is easy to puncture the baby's lips. If the baby falls, it is easy to cause serious injury and stab the baby, so you can't give the baby a pointed, bladed tableware.

4. Tableware that is difficult to clean
Some tableware is often difficult to clean due to shape, design or texture, or the material cannot be autoclaved, so oil and bacteria can easily adhere to it.