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Pay attention to the body, don't let the disease "take advantage"

With the arrival of the peak season of the Spring Festival. There are more and more people visiting home and visiting relatives and traveling, and this year's Spring Festival is particularly early. Most people think about how to buy cars, air tickets, and get to their destinations before the 30th, with friends and family. For the festive season. Remind everyone to pay attention to the body when you are in a hurry, don't let the disease "take advantage of the virtual."

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The primary problem in maintaining good health during the journey is to always pay attention to food hygiene and prevent "sickness from entering the mouth."
The fruit must be washed or peeled to eat. Eating melons must be peeled. In addition to pesticide contamination, fruits and fruits are also contaminated by pathogens or parasites during harvesting and marketing.
Treat each meal cautiously, and you must be hungry. High-end food and beverage restaurants can generally eat with confidence, food stalls can choose to eat, stalls or sell along the street (selling carts) do not eat. Although there are many hungry situations in the trip, the food of the stall vendors cannot be touched. If you are hungry, you are just kidding.

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Learn to identify the health of the restaurant. The general standard of qualification should be: have a hygiene permit, have a clean water source, have disinfection equipment, fresh food materials, no mosquitoes, dustproof equipment, clean surrounding environment, no contact with food and money and food Quite a distance.

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Control diet on a boat or plane. When riding a line, because there is no exerci

se condition, the digestion process of food is prolonged and the speed is slowed down. If the diet is not controlled, it will inevitably increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract and cause stomach upset.