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It was the London founded by the Romans, and the afternoon tea invented by the Londoners

The most striking feature of London cuisine is simplicity. Some even think that the UK is a country that lacks a food culture. London dishes are made in the oven or in a pan. When you cook, do not put any condiments. When you eat, add seasonings such as salt, pepper, mustard or spicy sauce. Despite this, London is a world-famous gourmet city, where you can taste food from around the world and ensure that visitors from all over the world are satisfied.

In the generally unregulated British diet, there are also some highlights: grilled steak, which is a representative of British cuisine, is made from large chunks of raw beef in an oven. The prepared beef can be simmered with Western mustard sauce, and the Yorkshire pudding is also famous as a side dish. Fish&Chips (Fish & Chips) is the most British food, cheap and convenient. Most of the fried fish are squid or squid, and they are eaten with salt or vinegar together with French fries. Beef patties are made from beef or beef kidneys and have a special taste. They are a typical lunch in a bistro.

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Afternoon tea culture originated in the UK. According to legend, the first person to start drinking afternoon tea should be the Victorian British Duchess Anna Bedford VII in the early 19th century. She often feels awkward and bored at around 4 pm, and asks the maid to prepare a few slices of toast, butter and tea for use as a fruit. She also often invites her relatives and friends to have afternoon tea, and at the same time, she can gossip and enjoy the relaxed afternoon. This habit gradually formed an elegant afternoon tea culture, which is also the origin of the so-called "Victoria Afternoon Tea". Afternoon tea was originally used in the home to enjoy tea with high-grade, elegant tea sets, which gradually evolved into a social tea party for friends.

In London, people usually have a three-tiered shelf on the table for afternoon tea. The first layer is filled with various salty sandwiches such as ham and cheese. The second and third layers are placed in dessert. In the second layer, there are strawberry towers, which are necessary for English afternoon tea. Others such as puffs, biscuits or chocolates are served by the chef; the third layer of desserts are generally cakes and fruit towers. The order of eating snacks generally follows the rule that the taste is light and heavy, from salty to sweet. Try the salty sandwiches first, let the taste buds slowly taste the true taste of the food, and then sip a few black teas. Next is an English muffin with jam or cream, letting a little bit of sweetness slowly spread out in the mouth, and finally by the sweet and thick fruit tower.

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Special afternoon tea is divided into Darjeeling and Earl Grey, Ceylon tea and so on. Generally, the tea leaves are directly brewed, and then the tea residue is filtered out with tea leaks to be poured into the arms for drinking. Milk tea is also a favorite drink for many people. In the 19th century, the gentlemen and gentlemen of the British upper class began to drink afternoon tea. In the winter, they were in the warm fire, and in the summer, they were in the blooming garden. The most important function of drinking afternoon tea at that time was to let the people of the upper class contact and exchange information.

2. Londoners drink afternoon tea instead of eating snacks. They usually combine teas, including a pot of tea and a snack. There are sandwiches, scones or small cakes, and various restaurant snacks. The mix is ​​different. In terms of tea, there are EarlGrey, Darjeeling, and Ceylon tea. The first payer is generally preferred to Earl Grey.

3. The order of eating snacks is very knowledgeable. First the bottom muffin or sandwich, then the dessert. I want to let my tongue enjoy the taste from shallow to deep. Remember to eat the most fragrant Cloted Cream and special jam in the middle of the muffin.

4. There are also some well-known tearooms that have been promoted as glory by members of the royal family who have visited the company. In the "Fortnum & Mason's" department store, the consumption of such tea rooms is generally around £10.

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5. The afternoon tea charge for the Ritz Hotel is £34, and the afternoon tea at the other five-star hotels is around £25, with a tip of 12.5%.

6. The English breakfast is very heavy and can even skip lunch. Afternoon tea usually starts at around 1 to 2 o'clock and takes at least 1 hour, but often because of the quiet environment, guests often stay for two or three hours before they return.