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Hong Kong's push-and-sell plastics reduction campaign

BEIJING, Nov. 16 (Xinhuanet) -- According to the Hong Kong "Wen Wei Po" report, the Hong Kong Environmental Campaign Committee, the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department and the Hong Kong Catering Federation jointly launched the "Outsourcing of Plastics, Cutlery First" pilot scheme. The public will be in the territory starting from the 16th. 3 large chain fast food restaurants (Family Music, Big Happiness and Maxim MX), when you buy a takeaway, you can get a stamp without using disposable tableware. If you have 6 pieces, you can redeem a set of reusable tableware for free. Or get a hot drink.

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According to reports, Hong Kong Environment Bureau Director Huang Jinxing said that disposable plastic tableware accounts for 2% of the daily waste in landfills and 10% of waste plastics. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce waste and plastic molding. The SAR government will also be in 2019. It will be implemented in its premises. When tendering new contracts and renewing contracts, restaurant operators are required to avoid using disposable tableware and to study the feasibility and mechanism of controlling or prohibiting disposable plastic tableware.

A number of catering industry associations and representatives of enterprises and environmental groups attended the launching ceremony of the event held on the 15th to support the plastic-moving movement and hoped that the community would realize the vision of “no plastic ocean”.

In his speech at the event, Mr Wong said that the SAR Government attaches great importance to the environmental impact of plastic waste and is committed to encouraging the public to reduce the use of disposable plastic tableware through various activities to promote waste reduction at the source.

Following the implementation of the “Walking the Beach Tableware First” campaign at the public beaches and nearby snack bars in mid-2018, the EPD, together with the Central and International Food and Beverage Industry and three large chain fast food restaurants, launched the “Take-off plastic tableware first move” campaign. Encourage all walks of life to support the use of self-contained and reusable tableware. When it is on the market, it will “make plastic, leave” and reduce the production of disposable plastic waste.

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He pointed out that in order to successfully carry out the take-away plastics movement, the support of the catering industry is indispensable. It is believed that the three large-scale fast-food restaurants will take the lead in participating in the campaign to encourage the catering industry and other stakeholders to join the ranks. And to enhance the public's awareness of plastic molding, and promote the reduction of waste among the people.

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In line with the UN's theme of “No Plastics Day” for this year's World Environment Day, the National Games is carrying out a series of “Walking and Disposing” activities, including the “Zero Abandoned Campus” award and the online game. In mid-December, the “Reusable Tableware Borrowing Plan” will be launched to provide free reusable tableware to large event organizers.