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When you eat outside, do you use hot water to cook dishes?

When dining out, the restaurant will provide packaged sterilized tableware. Although these tableware are sterilized, there are still many people who use hot water to boil it again.

Even if it is a star-rated hotel, it is like suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Only when you use hot water to heat the dishes, you can feel at ease. But can you be sure that you can burn it?

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The answer is not necessarily oh! High temperatures can kill some bacteria, but for stubborn bacteria, it is necessary to meet certain conditions. Some viruses, at least 10 minutes in boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius, can completely kill the germs!

And if you use the tea that is provided free of charge in the restaurant, then you can tell that these teas are usually warm water, even if the hot water does not reach 100 degrees Celsius. This temperature can not play the role of sterilization, at most, the dust in the air is removed, the bacteria still exist!

Some research institutes conducted experiments on water-disinfecting tableware. The results of the experiment showed that after the boiling water was boiled, the bacterial value decreased by less than 3%, and the effect was very weak.

It turns out that it is not very useful to use boiling water to wash the dishes before meals. It is just self-comfort!

Experts say that high temperature disinfection must have two conditions to achieve results, one is temperature and the other is time.

Most bacteria causing gastrointestinal diseases can be killed by heat at 100 ° C for 1-3 minutes or 80 ° C for 10 minutes. If the heating temperature is only 56 ° C, these bacteria can survive even after heating for 30 minutes. In addition, some bacteria have greater resistance to high heat, such as anthrax spores, waxy spores and the like.

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Therefore, boiled bowls with boiling water before eating, due to insufficient temperature and time of action, can only kill a very small number of microorganisms, and can not guarantee to kill most pathogenic microorganisms.

You can boil and disinfect, put the cleaned dishes in boiling water for 2~5 minutes; or use steam to disinfect the cleaned dishes into the steam cabinet or box, so that the temperature rises to 100 degrees, disinfection 5-10 minute;

Oven disinfection is also possible, such as infrared disinfection cabinets, etc., the temperature is generally around 120 degrees, disinfection for 15-20 minutes. Now there are many high-tech products such as cupboards with infrared disinfection function in the mall, which can also play a certain role in disinfection and sterilization. However, consumers should pay attention to the product's eligibility when purchasing.

How do you identify unqualified tableware when you go out to eat?

First choose a regular restaurant, most restaurants have formal hygiene permits. These places can safely use the tableware provided by the restaurant even if you don't need boiling water, but there are always small restaurants that are not qualified.

That will have a long heart!

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A look: look at the outside plastic film is clean, if there are a lot of impurities on the film, it may be repeated use of waste plastics, but also depends on the production information (site address, contact phone number, product shelf life, etc.) is complete.

Second smell: After opening the plastic seal, smell whether there is a pungent smell. If it is cleaned with a cleaning solution such as washing powder, there will be a strong odor residue, and if the oil remains, there will be a bad smell.

Three touches: Touch the tableware by hand. If there is water or sputum, the oil may not be washed.

However, to eat with confidence, the most effective way is to bring your own tableware, at least in the case of the store does not provide disposable tableware, bring your own chopsticks.

Prepare alcohol-disinfecting cotton paper. When you are not comfortable with the tableware, wipe the tableware with alcohol cotton paper to achieve a satisfactory disinfection effect.

Special Note

You should pay more attention to the daily dishwashing. Washing the bowl feet also plays a role in the hygiene of the dishes.

Some people only pay attention to the inside of the dish, do not pay attention to the bottom of the bowl. As a result, when the bowl is stacked, the bottom of the bowl is placed on the other bowl, and the dirt and bacteria at the bottom of the bowl are brought to the other bowl. The germs leave a breeding ground for breeding.