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Is the fat reduction calculation "calorie" really scientific?

As summer approaches, many people have joined the ranks of weight loss. Some of them have called “burning my calories” while moving, and even started to eat “negative calories” for three meals a day. Then the question is coming. What exactly is the “calorie” we are talking about? Is it feasible to reduce calorie intake to achieve weight loss?

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What is calories?

In fact, "calories" are commonly used energy units and are often used to represent the amount of calories in food. 1 card (small card, cal) is the energy needed to raise one gram of water by one degree. Food energy is usually calculated in kilocalories, also known as kcal (1Kcal = 1000cal).
According to international units, energy should be expressed in joules. 1 card is equal to 4.182 joules, then 1 kcal is equal to 4182 joules. Sometimes this unit is used to indicate the energy in the food.

Most of the time, people still use kilocalories to calculate the energy in food because it is more convenient. 1 gram of starch or white sugar contains 4 kilocalories of energy; 1 gram of fat contains 9 kilocalories, and 1 gram of protein contains 4 kilocalories of energy. For example, if you eat 10 grams of fat, then it will bring 90 kilocalories to the body. If you eat 50 grams of popcorn, it will increase the energy supply of about 170 kcal. The energy that a person needs every day is also calculated in kilocalories.

Relationship between metabolism and calories

Metabolism consists of three main components: resting metabolic rate; the energy consumed by physical activity; and the energy consumed to digest and absorb food. Resting metabolic rate is the energy used to maintain the movement of body tissues daily. It is the heat energy consumed by all organs and cells in the human brain, heart, kidneys and human body. Rest metabolism accounts for 2/3 to 3/4 of our daily energy consumption.

The second component of metabolism is the energy consumed by physical activity, such as walking, climbing stairs, holding children, and planned physical activity. The heat energy consumed by physical activity is the most diverse component of metabolism, and people have the greatest control over it. Finally, the energy consumed to digest and absorb food accounts for a relatively small proportion, about 10%.

The results of the study show that it is not feasible to rely solely on reducing calorie intake to achieve weight loss. Because the human body has a "compensation" mechanism: if the calorie intake is reduced, then the body's metabolic rate will also decrease. Only a reasonable diet and proper exercise can successfully lose weight.

The only way to lose weight is to take less energy from food and consume more energy. This is often referred to as the “thermodynamic rule.” However, only one-third of people who lose weight are trying this recommended way to lose weight – eating less, and it is the root of weight loss.

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Reduce fat needs attention

Enhance immunity: Immunity is the body's own defense mechanism. Good immunity not only ensures the normal work and operation of various organs of the body, but also absorbs beneficial nutrients well, maintains the normal metabolic function of the body, and is conducive to weight loss.

Learn to chew slowly: develop a good habit of chewing slowly when eating, which can increase the amount of saliva secretion, and help digestion and absorption of food.

Eat less sugar and fried foods: Although sugar and fried foods are delicious, they are not nutritious and have high calories. Excessive intake of such foods will accumulate a lot of calories and fat in the body. Conducive to weight loss.

Moderate exercise: Exercise is essential for burning calories, not only helps to lose weight, but also enhances physical fitness and is good for your health.

Rumors: Does the "negative calorie" food really exist?

For those who are keen on losing weight, many new methods and new theories are trying to be tried, especially those who are in a "painful" diet. Therefore, when I heard the concept of “negative calorie food”, many people were bright. However, is this statement really reliable?

Calories, as a common energy unit, are often used to represent the amount of calories in food. The so-called "negative calorie food" means that some foods contain less calories than the energy needed to digest and absorb them, such as celery and grapefruit.

This theory sounds quite reliable, because we are not idle when we eat, in order to ensure that the body can absorb enough nutrients, the body is also trying to consume energy. However, experts say this seemingly reasonable energy subtraction is not realistic, because even low-calorie foods, such as celery, contain more calories than the body decomposes and absorbs calories.

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After we eat, the metabolic rate will rise, and the heat effect of eating, the digestion and absorption of food, the peristalsis of the stomach... all need to consume the body's energy. But in fact, the heat effect consumes very little energy, only about 10% of our intake. And the full range of work includes chewing food, allowing it to pass through the digestive system, absorbing nutrients from food, and storing excess energy.

Food such as celery, grapefruit, tomatoes and cucumbers are touted as “negative calorie foods”, but there is no scientific evidence to support this view. Although they do have very low calories, the energy they consume is lower than this number.

In fact, to remove the aura of "negative calorie food", these foods are still very valuable for people who want to lose weight, because their calories are low. What we have to do is not to "dream" to eat them more and more thin, but to use them instead of some food in the diet. For example, replacing a French fries with cucumbers can greatly reduce our calorie intake. In addition, they not only have no burden, but also bring us various nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, plant fibers, etc., which are also many advantages for our health.