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Analysis of the changes that Hiddink brought to the Olympics: install confidence to the young

In September last year, he took office in the first stage of the Olympic qualifiers in March this year. Hiddink completed the first phase of the mission, and 97 National Olympics officially entered the Olympic qualifiers in January next year.

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In seven months, Hiddink changed his team in his way, and helped the Chinese Olympics find a way to survive when the status quo is extremely difficult. The progress of this team is currently released by Chinese football. The few positive signals, the Football Association can ask Hiddink to go out, is the most successful choice.

After Hiddink took over the Olympics, the first thing was to reorganize the team. Because the preparation period is very urgent, his time for investigating the players is not very long.

After several training sessions and with the advice of the Chinese coach, Hiddink quickly looked at all the competitive players in the age range. And in the penultimate phase of preparations, the scope and main framework of the big list was established.

Eventually appearing in Malaysia's national Olympics list, it is basically the strongest lineup of this age group. Except for Liu Ruowan, Huang Zichang and Chen Binbin, other players with the strongest ability in this age group are all listed. Hiddink selected the player in the most efficient way, and the person is very accurate.

In the construction of the main frame, he emphasizes his physical and confrontational ability. This does not mean that he does not like technical players. Instead, he uses the most practical and simple and direct method in the qualifier against Southeast Asian teams. The physical advantage impacts the opponent, and in the game that must be out, Hiddink emphasizes the result.

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In the previous warm-up match, the Chinese team began to win frequently, but the process was not very satisfactory. "Sometimes you see the scene is very bad, but you can always win. The result is good. The old man (Hiddink) is sometimes a little god. "The insiders of the team said.

This may be the normal state of the future Olympics. See Hiddink's game, don't think about gorgeous offense and subtle cooperation, you can win the game with utilitarian play. In other words, at this stage, no matter the Olympics, or the national team, all the echelons of Chinese football can't play the exquisite football. The player's ability is so, why bother to pursue unrealistic roads. Being able to win the game is the most successful experience of Hiddink.

In addition to team formation and technical and tactical play, the main change that Hiddink brought to the Olympics was to instill confidence in the players. In training, Hiddink's encouragement is the biggest compliment for every player, and the Dutch don't swear by this praise. When switching to the game, Hiddink's on-the-spot command and substitution are more There is nothing to say, "With him standing on the sidelines, we will feel very stable," the player said.

Guoao’s game in Malaysia, the first two games were big wins, Hiddink rarely stood up and commanded, but he was still sitting on the coach’s seat and criticized the players’ fearless mistakes. I can't hear it, but we can hear the coach's voice on the court." When the big win, I found a problem. In the last game against Malaysia, the Chinese team was two times behind. The scene was once passive. Hiddink did not criticize it when he commanded. The player, basically did not say anything in the audience, "He just made the most appropriate substitution adjustment at the most critical moment." The player said that this makes everyone very convinced.

In addition, Hiddink is also good at listening and can accept opinions. The Dutch are characterized by outspokenness. If there is a problem, he will say it directly. Sometimes he seems to be indifferent, but Hiddink also listens to the suggestions of others, and refuses to take advantage of his qualifications and names. Thousands of miles away.

Among the coaches of the Olympics, Sun Jihai and Qi Junzhe are both players and retired. They are familiar with the characteristics of Chinese players and are more familiar with the Chinese mentality. During Hiddink’s coaching, the Chinese coaches provided very helpful help. Their suggestion, Hiddink also accepted very quickly, team collaboration is extremely beneficial to the Olympics.

The only thing that needs to be worried is that Hiddink is now seventy-three, and will be 74 years old next year. The coach is still in the front line of coaching, and his physical and mental strength is a huge test.

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During Malaysia, during the game Hiddink has rarely stood up command, after the game he was a bit tired. His right knee had severe joint injuries, had previously received joint transplants, should carefully up and down stairs.

Before the game is held after the game, the coach must first drink a bite of water and moisten the throat. Although the body is no longer young, Hiddink still uses the 20-year-old mentality and jokes, "matching" with the players, "the old man is amiable", which is the unanimous evaluation of all players.

The Olympic team captain Yan Dingqi once said that he had met Hiddink. "We all have growth, including the sense of position and awareness on the court, and more importantly, confidence. The most important thing for a team is to win the game. We have gradually found confidence to win. "The role of the coach in the team is nothing more than this, but this time the Olympics did not detour.

Finally, a detail, the battle of China and Malaysia, 60 minutes after the second half, the first left winger Yang Liyu was too fierce to fight, fell to the ground after an attack, there was cramps, he made a substitution to the coaching staff.

After three minutes, Hiddink made a substitution adjustment. Instead of replacing Yang Liyu, he replaced Yan Ding with a single Huanhuan. "If you switch to other coaches, Yang Liyu will definitely be replaced, but the old man is different. He still completed the substitution according to the situation on the field and the established arrangement. Finally, he received the effect." The team member said that this is Hiddink. A different place.