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Internationally recognized healthiest eating

Internationally recognized healthiest eating

2019-01-10 10:08:34
Recently, the most up-to-date version of how to eat is coming out.

The American News and World Report magazine brings together health experts to evaluate and rank about 40 different eating patterns each year. These experts have a good professional background and do not involve any commercial interests, and they are evaluated on a fair stand.

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In fact, the results are not unexpected.

The first place this year is the Mediterranean diet model, and the second is the DASH diet model (Dai Shu diet).

Last year, it was DASH and the Mediterranean model tied for first place. The year before, it was also the two top picks. They have never changed over the years, and their rankings are only between the two.

Meet these conditions,
Be the healthiest way to eat

There are four main criteria for evaluation:

First, this kind of eating method should be relatively close to the people. It must be a normal diet. It is not a pile of health products and a bag of nutritional products. It cannot be expensive for many people to eat, or most people cannot buy their ingredients. (The ketogenic diet was deducted... too expensive...)

Second, it is to help people easily prevent obesity in their daily life, and it is not easy to gain weight with age. The long-term effect is scientific evidence, not just a short-term effect of months or a year or two. (All kinds of popular diet diets have been deducted because there is no evidence of long-term effects for more than 2 years...)

Third, this method ensures adequate nutrition, safety and reliability, and it does not harm health for many years. (Pure vegan and various fasting methods have been deducted... It is difficult to guarantee adequate nutrition... The ketogenic diet has also been deducted... no more than 2 years of safety evidence...)

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Finally, it depends on whether it is good for preventing various chronic diseases. It is not easy to suffer from diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the long run. (All kinds of popular diet diets have been deducted...)

Slimming, disease prevention, nutrition, eating properly, not harsh, not too difficult to eat, not too expensive... Does it sound particularly perfect and particularly desirable?

Such a proud and healthy way to eat, as a healthy food, we certainly deserve to know!

What are the top three diets that have been eaten?

First place: Mediterranean diet.

The first Mediterranean diet, known as the Mediterranean dietary pattern, has long been known throughout the world and was approved by UNESCO as a world intangible cultural heritage in 2010.

Its main features are:

1. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

2. Use more beans and nuts to supply protein.

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3. Eat fish and seafood at least 2 or 3 times a week, with enough omega-3 fatty acids.

4. The amount of meat consumed is not large, and it is less lean meat, processed meat products, smoked grilled meat, etc.

5. Appropriate amount of milk, mainly yogurt and milk, the number of cheese is less than most European and American countries.

6. Eat more whole grains and beans, not just fine white grains.

7. Based on fresh and natural ingredients, seldom eat highly processed foods and dessert sweet drinks.

8. Use vegetable oil instead of animal oil for cooking. Olive oil is commonly used. When cooking, use the right amount of spices, red wine and garlic.

After reading it, I found that in addition to not using red wine and garlic, the nutritional recipes I made basically met these requirements.

Numerous studies over the past decades have proven that the Mediterranean diet helps prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, prevents some cancers, prevents obesity, prevents senile dementia, and reduces all-cause mortality. Although it consumes significantly more phytic acid, tannins, oxalic acid, dietary fiber and other ingredients than traditional European and American diets, it does not increase the risk of kidney stones and does not increase the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.

Second place: DASH diet.

Obtained the second place in the DASH diet, which lasted for 8 years and occupied the first place in the world's healthy diet.
The so-called DASH, short for "Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension", is a diet designed to control high blood pressure that year.

Its features include these points:

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits, including dried fruits (such as raisins, dried apricots, dried apples, etc.). Eat this, you can get enough vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, dietary fiber, and a variety of antioxidants.

2. For staple foods, use whole grain beans, and use as little or as little white grain as possible (white rice and white noodles). It can provide enough slow-digesting starch, as well as potassium, magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, dietary fiber and various antioxidants.

3. Fish, low-fat milk, poultry and nuts provide protein instead of red meat. Can provide enough protein, including vitamin B12, various B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin E, increase dietary fiber, reduce saturated fatty acids.

4. Minimize the use of high-saturated fats (tallow, lard, palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, etc.).

5. Try not to eat sweets and sweet drinks.

6. Control salt intake below 6 grams.

Does this eating method look familiar? Is there a big similarity with the Mediterranean diet? Moreover, isn't this the way I have recommended for everyone? It has also been shown to be beneficial in preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and obesity and is very effective in reversing hypertension.

Third place: Flexitarianism.

This diet was also ranked third last year.

Under the premise of insisting on fresh natural plant foods, it is permitted to eat a little animal food, among which fish and aquatic products are the mainstay, and can eat no more than three times a week. A small amount of animal food can increase protein supply, reduce the risk of anemia, and better maintain muscle.

Like the previous two dietary patterns, the flexible vegetarian diet also requires fresh natural ingredients, a large intake of vegetables, a variety of whole grains and beans; it also requires no cooking with animal oil and less high-process foods.

I really want to sigh... There are similarities in healthy meals, and unhealthy meals have their own unhealthy...