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Every day before 10 am, do 9 things to benefit your health

"The early bird has insects to eat." This old adage, which is extended to health care, is also quite compatible. Recently, a magazine website in the United States summed up nine healthy things that experts shared, reminding people to do it before 10 am every day.
First, meditation

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Meditation does not necessarily require a long, well-designed process to work. After getting up and opening your eyes, don't rush to wash and do a few minutes of meditation. It connects the mind and body and restarts the central nervous system. Soft breathing can make good ideas come in and drain bad ideas.
Second, temporarily off the phone
It is not enough to use a mobile phone before going to sleep. The healthiest people often try to avoid using mobile phones. Getting up before 10 am is a time to think, write, brainstorm and flow. This is a short window of time, fleeting, and taking advantage of opportunities to make the most of it. Once you open your phone, check your email, read the news, and reply to WeChat, this window is completely closed.
Third, take a shower

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Bathing in the morning is a healthier strategy. Not only does it make you feel alert and awake, but when you add eucalyptus or mint essential oils, you can increase your concentration through nasal stimulation. At this time, the bath can leave a good impression on the colleagues and the boss.
Fourth, read inspirational stories
Healthy people are constantly looking for sources of inspiration to keep them in the right mindset. Spend ten minutes reading any articles that help you achieve your goals. They can be about business, personal, self-esteem, or anything that can give you tips and tricks that you can apply throughout the day.
5. Keep in touch with others
Getting along with others, especially those who cheer you up and support you is critical to staying healthy. Family, friends, children, and the groups you invest in, these relationships are the biggest determinant of happiness. There is an amazing connection between happiness and health. Send a message to the person you miss, or greet you on WeChat, ask them to have a cup of coffee or eat together.
Six, practice Thanksgiving
Every morning, write down the things that make you feel grateful in the diary, which can release hormones that make people feel good and promote good health. Grateful emotions can eliminate fear and stress, and also reduce the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol. This is a very practical mood adjustment technology that allows you to better cope with the stress of the day.
Seven, sports

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Starting a day with exercise will be a miracle for your health, like a chicken-like spirit. It stimulates the release of neurotransmitters in the brain, making you younger and more flexible on the physiological level. When you exercise as a priority, you can improve your cardiovascular system, suppress your appetite, increase your muscles, increase your self-awareness, and improve your overall well-being.
Eight, hydration
Considering that most of the human body is made up of water, it is not surprising that drinking water continuously helps to stay healthy. Most people wait until they are thirsty to drink water, which is already late. Health experts advise people to drink 340-450 ml of water after getting up and drink 2000 ml of water throughout the day. If you don't like to drink boiled water, you can add fresh lemon juice, which balances the body's pH.
Nine, keep your personal space clean and tidy
Organizing your personal work surface is not a hassle. You only need to put down your computer supplies, paper, stationery and water cups, let them be in their place, and wipe off the dust with a disinfectant paper towel. This seemingly simple job sends a mental signal to the brain that enhances confidence. Messy scenes can cause shyness, guilt and anxiety, causing confusion. A neat and clean desk can bring a fresh feeling, give you a full positive energy, and start a new day of work with great energy.
Wang Meng
Source: Beijing Youth Daily