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The types of commercial kitchens

The types of commercial kitchens

E-BON E-BON 2017-07-12 15:10:56
Kitchen generally refers to the production place where food spots are made. Kitchen, especially for production and management purposes, serving guests and making vegetable dishes. It must have the following elements: E-BON the stainless steel specialist, Cocktail Shaker Set China.
1. production staff (professional chefs, kitchen staff and related staff).

2. necessary facilities and equipment for production.

3. necessary production space and site.

4. cooking raw materials.

5. energy, etc..

The layout of the kitchen is closely related to the type of kitchen. A management expert of the United States once said, in addition to the world kitchen design layout chain or the hotel is roughly the same, could not find the two kitchen in the design layout of the same.

Different types of kitchens have different requirements in terms of design and layout. Therefore, first of all, to understand the type of kitchen and kitchen production function is particularly important.

The types of kitchens are described in terms of their size, meals and functions:  E-BON the most excellent stainless steel company, which provide you with Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scooptrading.
First, according to the size of the kitchen division:

1. large kitchen
Large kitchen refers to the production of large scale, can provide a large number of guests at the same time eating kitchen. The general hotel has 500 rooms in general and 1500 restaurants, most of which have large kitchens. This large kitchen is made up of several different functions of the kitchen. The kitchen division of labor is clear, coordinated, and undertake large-scale production of hotel products.

Single function restaurants and restaurants, the business area of 1200 square meters, more than 800 meals, and its kitchen is mostly large kitchen. This large kitchen, because the restaurant operates a variety of flavors, and its functions are also inconsistent. Mainly a large kitchen flavor, many venues open, centralized design, unified management; operating a number of flavors of large kitchen, the need for classification design, subdivision management, co-ordination.

2. medium-sized kitchen
A medium-sized kitchen is a kitchen where 500 guests can be served at the same time. Medium-sized kitchen site area is large, mostly processing, production and production and other centralized design, integrated layout.

3. small kitchen
A small kitchen is a kitchen where 200-300 meals are served and guests are served at the same time. Small kitchen, the kitchen will be all types of jobs, post concentration design, integrated layout equipment, occupies a large area, but more structured, and its production of flavor more specific.

4. super small kitchen
Super small kitchen, refers to the production of a single function, service capacity is limited kitchen. For example, in the restaurant setting, on-site cooking of the Ming stove, Ming file, hotel deluxe suites or presidential suite small kitchen, etc..

This kitchen is equipped with other kitchen to complete the production task. Although this kitchen is small, but its design is more exquisite, convenient and beautiful.

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