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The types of commercial kitchens 2

The types of commercial kitchens 2

E-BON E-BON 2017-07-13 16:19:15
According to the kitchen production function division
Kitchen production function, that is, the kitchen is mainly engaged in the work or assume the task, and its production function is corresponding to the function of the restaurant and the overall work of the kitchen division of labor coincide.

1. processing kitchen
Preliminary processing is mainly responsible for all kinds of kitchen cooking material (fresh raw materials, slaughtered to the hair, washing, dry cargo) raw materials rise, raw materials and raw materials processing knife preservation work. E-BON the most excellent stainless steel company, which provide you with Stainless Steel Bottle Opener china.

The processing kitchen is also called "the main kitchen" in some big hotels at home and abroad. It is responsible for the processing of the cooking materials needed in the cooking kitchen. Because the processing kitchen daily workload is larger, more and more goods out of the box, garbage and water consumption is also more, so many hotels are located in the lower level access, easy to sewage and more hidden place.

2. Banquet Kitchen
Banquet kitchen is the kitchen that serves the banquet hall. Most hotels set up this kind of kitchen in order to guarantee the banquet specifications and grades. The hotel is equipped with a multi-functional hall, and the banquet kitchen is also responsible for the culinary production of various large and small banquet halls and multifunctional dining rooms.

3. zero kitchen
Zero kitchen is a kitchen that is specially designed for the production of temporary and scattered dishes for guests. That is, the restaurant corresponding to the restaurant is a zero dining room. Zero restaurant is a restaurant where guests can choose and place food on their own. Therefore, there are many kinds of dishes which are included in the menu, and there is a large amount of food preparation in the kitchen, and they are busy during the meal. The kitchen is designed to have enough facilities and venues to facilitate production and production on time.

4. cold dish kitchen
The kitchen is cold dish processing, cold dish produced place. Cold dish making procedure and hot, and more generally for the first processing cooked, cut a disc, so the design of cold dish, have more strict requirements on health and the working environment temperature etc.. Cold dish kitchen can also be divided into cold dish cooking kitchen (such as making brine, barbecue or pickled hot mix cold dish, etc.) and cold dish dish produced kitchen, mainly used for dish and finished the cold dish out. E-BON the stainless steel specialist, Stainless Steel Opener china.
5. point kitchen
Pastry kitchen is a place for processing pasta, dim sum and rice porridge. Chinese food is also called "dim sum room", and Western food is called "cake room". Due to the particularity of production materials, Su cuisine is significantly different, so it will be called the white case, pastry production food production has become red. The division of labor in different hotels, pastry kitchen production tasks are not consistent. Some pastry kitchen also includes dessert and chocolate cake making.

6. coffee shop kitchen
The coffee shop kitchen is the place where the coffee shops are served. The coffee shop is a Western-style restaurant or a simple restaurant, unlike the high-end western restaurant. The coffee shop operates many varieties of regular dishes and drinks. Therefore, the coffee shop, kitchen and kitchen equipment are relatively neat, and the products are produced quickly. It is because of this characteristic, many restaurants as the hotel every day, the longest operating time of the restaurant, the kitchen and room produced function.

7. barbecue kitchen
Barbecue kitchen, is specialized in processing barbecue dishes place. Barbecue dishes such as roast pork, Roasted Suckling Pig, Roasted Duck, due to processing and hot dishes, ordinary cold dish procedures and time characteristics of different products, so it needs to be equipped with specialized production. Barbecue kitchen, indoor temperature is high, the working conditions of the product to the hard, cold dish dish stalls or cold dish product.

8. fast food kitchen
Fast food kitchen is the place where the snack food is processed, and fast food is relative to restaurant meals or banquet big food. Fast food kitchen, mostly equipped with fried stoves, frying pans, and other equipment for quick cooking. The product is simple, economical, efficient and smooth production process to save its salient features.

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