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English research shows that tableware color affects food tastes

People's judgment of the taste of food depends not only on the food itself, but also on the taste of the food. A study by Oxford University on the day pointed out that tableware weight and color have a great impact on food enjoyment. Therefore, the red plates used in the anti-nutrition programs of British hospitals may be the worst color.

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The study adds evidence that the color, size, weight and shape of cutlery, cups and plates can affect the taste of the food. A research paper published in the journal Flavour shows that "red plates should be used in people who must limit their food intake. For those who are already underweight, red is not suitable." Because red has limited food The effect of ingestion. The study author said: "Before the food entrance, the brain has first judged, which will affect our overall eating experience."

The study also believes that eating a cheese with a knife is more salty than a fork or toothpick. Eating a yoghurt with a light plastic spoon will make the yoghurt denser and more upscale. When the test subjects taste the yoghurt in various colors of tableware, the white spoon will taste sweeter and more expensive than the pink spoon, but the pink spoon will outperform the black spoon.

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Research co-author and psychologist Charles Spence said that using heavy tableware can make a good impression on the other party. Because the weight of the tableware is heavy, people will feel that the food is more precious, so that the guests will feel that you are taking the best food to entertain him.

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At the same time, some studies have shown that drinking glasses with cool colors such as blue and green can make people feel more enjoyable.