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The so-called "healthy diet" standard is that scientists accepted the "bribe" wr

The so-called "healthy diet" standard is that scientists accepted the "bribe" wr

2018-12-24 12:06:54
Recently, Dr. David, a former US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner and pediatrician, publicly publicized the mistakes in the Washington Post live broadcast:
In the past few decades, our nutritional advice to the public has failed!

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What is the anecdote?
Things have to start from around the 1980s.
Before 1980, scientists had a heated debate about what foods are healthier and not causing heart disease.
Just when everyone was undecided, the Sugar Research Foundation and the food business took the lead. Their purpose was to wash the sugar and then give all the black pot to fat and cholesterol.
To this end, they have done a lot of rogue means:
For example: 1. Massive advertising bombing: Using various forms of advertising, telling people that sugar is a good thing, even that it is good for children's health. 2. Bribery of scientists: To make money for scientists, to write research on the benefits of sugar, but also published in authoritative magazines. 3. Fight against dissidents: for example, attacking Cambridge scientist John, because he proposed that sugar is a healthy killer. Thus, his book was described as a science fiction novel, and his reputation was destroyed.

In the same year, the US Department of Public Health issued a statement encouraging people to eat less fat and began to recommend a low-fat, high-carbon water diet.
By 1992, the dietary pyramid was announced, and at the bottom of the pyramid were various high-carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice and cereals: we were told that eating these foods every year would be good for health.

This has also completely affected the “nutrition concept and health concept” of the whole world.
As a result, many people eat a lot of bread, rice, noodles, cakes, sugar, etc. every day. After all, the dietary guide says: These high-carb foods are the cornerstone of health.
Various processed foods have been added with white sugar, high fructose syrup, maltose and other sugars, and even labeled as "healthy" and "all natural".
Until today, when you walk into the supermarket, you will find that almost 80% of the food contains sugar, which makes the sugar industry association and food traders make money.

On the contrary, for fat, everyone avoids it, even when it comes to fat. This is the beginning of more than 30 years...
Humans have paid a heavy price for this!
Did you find that from small to large, many people around you were fatter than before. Yes, this feels right.
Since the 1880s, the obesity rates of countries around the world have risen almost without exception. All showed a rapid upward trend.

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Global obesity rate data from 1980 to 2014, the more red the color, the higher the obesity rate

Trends in adult body mass index in 200 countries from 1975 to 2014, left male right female
Health risks associated with obesity, including gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, gout, sleep apnea, polycystic ovary syndrome, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and the like. There are also various metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease...
Everything seems to be as Dr. David said, so many years of nutritional advice does not seem to work. Yes, the official diet guide seems to be a "fat recipe", and humans are swallowing their own bitter fruit year by year.
The latest authoritative dietary advice!
Eat some fat properly, but reduce the mortality rate
Recently, the authoritative medical magazine "Lancet" published two articles, giving "fat" a famous name. A large study involving more than 135,000 people from 18 countries, researchers have followed their dietary habits and health status for more than 7 years.
The results showed that people with the highest fat intake (fat intake accounted for 35% of the total calorie intake), the mortality rate was 23% lower than that of people who consumed less fat (fat intake accounted for 10% of total calories). The incidence of various cardiovascular diseases is basically the same, and even people who eat more fat have a lower chance of stroke.
Properly keep low carbohydrates
In traditional dietary guidelines, the cornerstone of health is built on high-carbohydrate foods such as bread, noodles, rice, sugar, and more.

High-carbohydrate foods enter the body and are converted into glucose, which enters human blood and energizes cells. This is a good thing, but the body can't consume so much glucose, so excess glucose is converted into fat by the insulin.
In the long run, the adverse consequences can be imagined.

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3. Proper intake of cholesterol is good for health.
In 2015, the American Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee issued a scientific report, which gave some suggestions for the new edition of the American Dietary Guidelines. One of them is that the limit of daily cholesterol intake of less than 300mg will be revoked, and not only the egg yolk will be eaten. Does not increase the body's cholesterol, but also has great health benefits.

Proper intake of cholesterol from the diet does not cause elevated cholesterol in the blood. Previous restrictions on daily cholesterol intake in many dietary guidelines have been lifted. Proper intake is also good for health.