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What changes will happen to the body after adhering to the “low sugar” diet for one month?

Sugar is a necessary nutrient in our body. Its main function is to provide heat to our body. Every gram of glucose can produce 4000 calories in our body, 70% of the energy our body needs. It needs to be provided by sugar, which is also an important substance that constitutes our tissues and protects the liver. Therefore, as long as the right amount of intake, the best time to master the sugar is very beneficial to our health, but now because of the wide use of sugar, many foods may contain sugar, if not control Living with your own sugar intake is likely to lead to excessive sugar intake, which is harmful to our body. Sacha from the Netherlands and his friends made a crazy experiment. If there is a low-sugar diet in a month, what changes will happen to the body. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian today.

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What changes will happen to the body after adhering to the “low sugar” diet for one month? Take a look.
Sacha did a routine check of his body before doing the experiment so that he could make a corresponding comparison after the test. Before the experiment, his weight was 81.7 kg and the body fat rate was 15.5%. After the experiment, Saka's daily diet is to eat some low-sugar fruits and vegetables, eggs, yogurt and other foods. It is impossible to eat sugar at all, and it is also very bad for your health, because sugar is everywhere. A few days before the start of the low-sugar diet, I felt that everything was very normal. On the fourth day, because of the lack of sugar in the body, Sacha felt that he was not feeling well, always thinking about it, and always felt hungry. Not only that, but his emotions have become very violent and easy to be excited. During this time, he once wanted to give up the plan and rushed into the burger shop to eat a hamburger for a carbonated drink.

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When the plan lasted for 25 days, the body had adapted to the low-sugar diet, and Sacha felt that he had not had such a big desire and desire for sugar. I feel that my body has changed a lot from the past. It is easier to get up in the morning, and the body is very spiritual and energetic. It is not so easy to feel tired. And the biggest change is due to his low-sugar diet this month, did not participate in any exercise, weight lost 4.5 kg before the experiment, body fat rate also decreased by 1.3%. Even the cholesterol content in the body has dropped a lot.

So from this experiment, the low sugar diet is very helpful for our body. Although eating sweets can make us feel happy, it can promote the secretion of dopamine, but long-term excessive intake of sugar will make the body obese, and the mood will be extremely unstable, which will disturb the endocrine and lead to love acne.

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Therefore, Xiao Bian suggested that everyone must control the intake of sugar in the usual time, because many foods now contain too much sugar, especially to control the intake of carbohydrates and free sugar, eat more coarse grains, eat less processed foods. When you eat snacks, you should pay special attention to the sugar content. Keeping good work and living habits will help you maintain a good body and your body will be healthier.