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The advice of 8 “healthy diets” is actually not scientific

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Egg yolk is high in cholesterol and can't be eaten?

Eggs are rich in high quality protein and have high absorption and utilization rates. In addition, the vitamins in the eggs are relatively complete, and the minerals and lecithin content are also high. These nutrients are mainly concentrated in the egg yolk.
Although the fat content of egg yolk accounts for 98% of eggs, its cholesterol content is also high, and it contains 1510 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams of egg yolk. However, according to research, the main reason for the increase in cholesterol in the blood is that the intake of fat is too high or too little exercise, and has little to do with the total amount of cholesterol consumed daily. Therefore, although the egg yolk has a high cholesterol content, there is no need to worry about people who eat 1-2 eggs a day. If you give up so much nutrition just for a little bit of cholesterol, you will lose some of it.
Nuts are high in fat and can't lose weight?

When it comes to nuts, many people tend to think that it has a high fat content, and the small partners who lose weight should avoid it. But in fact, nuts have a lot of benefits for weight loss.
Nuts are rich in high-quality unsaturated fatty acids, which increase insulin sensitivity, promote muscle formation, and help increase metabolism. At the same time, it can help regulate blood lipids and cholesterol, which is good for cardiovascular health. Nuts are also rich in dietary fiber, which provides a strong feeling of fullness. However, the fat content of nuts is indeed high, so it is recommended that you try to choose the original flavor, eat a small amount of nuts (about 30 grams) every day.
Potatoes are very hot?

For potatoes has been very controversial, some people think that potatoes can lose weight, and a group of people think that potatoes have high carbohydrate content, eating too much will be fat. So, is the heat of potatoes high or low?
As a kind of vegetable, potatoes are not high in calories. They only have 81 calories per 100 grams, and there is not a bowl of rice with high calories. And it is rich in dietary fiber and provides a feeling of fullness. Although potatoes contain a lot of starch, they are resistant starches that cannot be digested by the small intestine. Resistant starch can increase insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels, control appetite and improve digestive health, and will not cause you to gain weight when you eat.

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The problem of eating potatoes and getting fat is not in the potatoes themselves, but in the way of cooking. After the same weight of potatoes are fried, the heat is immediately increased by nearly 4 times. Therefore, if you often eat fried potatoes such as chips and potato wedges, of course, getting fat is inevitable!
Unsweetened fruit with less sugar?

How can a lack of fruit in a healthy diet? However, many people will have misunderstandings in choosing fruits. Those who think that they are not sweet must be less sugary and suitable for people who are losing weight.
But in fact, the sugar in the fruit is mainly divided into 4 categories, in which the taste of fructose is the sweetest, followed by sucrose, followed by glucose, and finally starch that can hardly taste sweetness. Therefore, judging whether the fruit is suitable for eating during weight loss, it is mainly judged according to the fruit glycemic index.
For example, the dragon fruit that we don't think is so sweet every day is a veritable high-glycemic index food, but the dragon fruit contains less glucose and fructose, so the sweetness is not high. Xiaokangkang suggests that you can choose kiwi, grapefruit, blueberry, pear and other fruits with lower glycemic index every day.
Will bananas be poisoned when eaten with milk?

Banana milk is a favorite drink for many people, but there are also nets saying that you should not eat bananas with milk. Because the fruit acid in the banana will denature the protein in the milk, causing diarrhea and even poisoning.
Although the protein in milk does denaturing and precipitate in an acidic environment, it does not affect its own nutritional value. Moreover, the amount of fruit acid in bananas is very small, even less than the body's secretion of stomach acid, so this statement is not credible. On the contrary, bananas are rich in potassium and soluble dietary fiber. Milk contains calcium and protein. Together, it can also supplement the body with multiple nutrients.
Is it better to label all natural foods?

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Nowadays, more and more foods will be marked with “natural” on the packaging, and many people will have the inherent impression of “pure natural = true health”. However, the concept of “pure natural food” has no officially defined definition.
Pure natural ≠ is really healthy. Pure natural foods may just be more in line with traditional tastes, but the nutrients are not more abundant than those that are farmed and cultivated. Some "natural" foods are not only expensive, but also not tested, making it difficult to guarantee food quality.
Microwave heating food will lose nutrients?

The invention of the microwave oven is indeed convenient for our lives, but people have never stopped the criticism of the microwave oven. One of them said that the heating of the microwave oven will accelerate the loss of food nutrition. However, this statement is not entirely correct, because some nutrients will be lost as long as they are heated.
In fact, it is not the heating method that causes the loss of food nutrition, but the heat and time of cooking. The higher the temperature of cooking, the longer the time, the more nutrients such as vitamin C and methionine will be lost. Therefore, some experts pointed out that microwave cooking is usually faster than steamer, so it can reduce the loss of nutrients to a minimum.
Regular dieting can help the body detoxify?

In order to maintain a slim body, many women will control their diet harshly and even lose weight by dieting. Others believe that dieting is not only good for weight loss, but also helps the body to detoxify. But the way to diet and lose weight can be quick and effective, rebound fast, and hurt your health.
In fact, there is no theoretical basis to prove that dieting can detoxify the body better. Detoxification depends mainly on the metabolic functions of the liver, kidneys and spleen. Dieting can not only help detoxification, but can also lead to malnutrition, weight loss and even life-threatening. Therefore, in order to detoxify the body, Xiaokangkang still recommends drinking more boiled water. Boiling water can promote the body to improve metabolism and help detoxification.