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Patients with cardiovascular disease The healthiest way to eat is vegetarian?

The answer is: of course not.

Many patients in the outpatient department said that they were only vegetarian, very light, but the blood lipids were not normal. why?

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The problem is on vegetarian food. Let's take a look at the so-called vegetarians they eat: rice, noodles, rice porridge, fritters, biscuits, cakes, and eggplant. Thirsty, drink sweet drinks.
Did you see it? These are prime, but they are very unhealthy foods.
What many doctors say, eating less fish and meat is a wrong idea.
The current view is to focus on the quality of food. Not a vegetarian or meaty meal. Both vegetarian and meat have quality.
In vegetarian food, such as refined bread, taro, rice, noodles, biscuits, cakes, etc. are not good.

These things are too fine and too fine, which will lead to a high glycemic index. The blood sugar will rise rapidly after eating, the level of inflammation in the body will increase, and then it will drop rapidly. Not only is there much heat, people will soon feel hungry.

Farmers in many places in China do not eat vegetables, only staple foods and pickles. There are many people who have high blood pressure, and the level of oil triester in blood lipids is relatively high.

Chinese scholars have also done research and found that vegetarians are no less atherosclerotic than those who eat meat. Why, the quality of the vegetarian diet is very low.

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Summarized as the following:

First, meat can't be eaten, but red meat is less eaten, because red meat contains a lot of fat, but red meat also contains protein. Fat and protein itself are also essential for human body, but fat should not be excessive, so red meat is controlled by beef and pork. Total amount. Poultry is the main body, as the main body of meat, more importantly, because fish also have omega-3 fatty acids, can improve blood lipids, reduce arrhythmia, reduce atherosclerosis and prevent cardiovascular disease. Therefore, fish, especially deep-sea fish, is recommended to eat relatively more.

Second, vegetarianism is the mainstay, supplemented by meat, not only that, but also less oil when cooking, less salt. A diet high in salt, high in oil and high in sugar, even without meat, can aggravate atherosclerosis and increase cardiovascular risk. Vegetarian food should also be comprehensive. There is no fixed food to prevent or directly improve cardiovascular disease. Only nutrition is comprehensive, and diversification of ingredients is good for health.

Vegetarian food is much more, especially like fine wheat flour, rice is not good for health, it should be combined with coarse grains and grains as a staple food.

Third, complementary food can be combined with fruit, proper amount of yogurt, nuts, which are conducive to cardiovascular disease prevention.

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Three meals a day, the most critical, we can only live healthy if we eat healthy. But a healthy diet is not a pure vegetarian diet, a comprehensive nutritional diet, on the principle of low salt, low fat and low sugar, it is healthier to eat!

It is not good to eat fried and fatty products all day long. On the one hand, the ingredients should be clean. On the one hand, it should be reasonable. On the one hand, oil should be good, on the other hand, be happy.