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Life is sport, so can we stay healthy

A solid professional foundation, good psychological quality, tenacious will, and healthy body are the overall qualities that college students should have, and healthy body is the most important one. A healthy body is inseparable from sports.

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Zhang Bojun, the pioneer of the Chinese Olympic Movement, once said: "There is no education in education, and education is not complete." Life lies in sports, and human perfection lies in sports. Human beings create sports in long social practice and increase the aesthetic value of this sport phenomenon. Sports not only strengthens the body, but also embodies the function of moral education. Sports have a positive effect on cultivating sentiment, enlightening wisdom, and stimulating life, and fostering the spirit of unity, cooperation, strength, dedication and friendship.

   First, the type of sports

   Sports activities are a kind of physical education activities and social and cultural activities in human society. Sports refers to a kind of conscious and organized social activities with physical exercises as the basic means to enhance people's physical fitness, promote people's all-round development, enrich social and cultural life and promote spiritual civilization. It is part of the general culture of society and its forms are diverse.

   (1) Competitive sports

   Also known as "competitive sports." Refers to the scientific and systematic training and competition to overcome the opponents, achieve excellent sports performance, and maximize the potential of the individual and the collective in physical, physical, psychological and athletic ability. It includes two forms of sports training and sports competition.

In the ancient Greek era, which was more than 700 years before BC, there were race, throwing, and wrestling projects. There have been hundreds of developments so far. Popular projects include track and field, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, badminton, weightlifting, swimming, and bicycles. Countries and regions also have their own special national traditional projects, such as Chinese martial arts, Sepak Takraw and Kabadi in Southeast Asia. Therefore, competitive sports are the main form of sports.

   (2) Entertainment sports

   Recreational sports refers to a kind of sports activity for the purpose of entertaining the mind and body during the rest of the time or at a specific time. It has the characteristics of amateur, recreational, and entertainment. The content generally includes ball games, active games, travel, chess, and traditional national sports. Carrying out recreational sports activities is beneficial to physical and mental health, edifying sentiment and cultivating noble character.

   (3) Public Sports

   Also known as "social sports", "mass sports." It is a general term for sports activities that are widely carried out in society in order to entertain the body and mind, enhance physical fitness, prevent diseases and cultivate sports reserve talents. Its main forms include exercise groups, sports teams, counseling stations, sports homes, sports centers, sports clubs, chess clubs, and individual free sports. Extensively carrying out mass sports activities is an important way to give play to the social functions of sports, improve national quality and accomplish sports tasks.

   (4) Medical sports

   Refers to a medical method that uses sports to treat certain diseases and injuries, and to restore and improve the function of the body. . Medical gymnastics, jogging, walking, cycling, qigong, tai chi and special sports equipment (such as tensioners, automatic running tables, etc.), as well as sunbathing, air baths, water baths, etc. are often used as treatments. It should be different from person to person, persevere, step by step, and with medication or surgical treatment and psychological counseling.

   Second, understand the role of sports

   (1) Improve physical fitness

   The most basic role of sports is to enhance physical fitness and master sports skills. Through various physical exercises, participants enhance the training of basic skills such as walking, standing, crawling, running, jumping, and casting, and improve various physiological functions of human beings, thereby gradually improving the structure of the brain and promoting the development of psychological functions. Physical fitness is further enhanced.

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  (2) Cultivating strong will quality

   Sports are characterized by hardship, fierceness, and strong competition. It requires participants to overcome various difficulties and exert a strong will to persist in it. Therefore, sports has become an important way to cultivate a strong will. Through competition and exercise, participants can cultivate good will qualities such as decisive courage, self-discipline, perseverance, perseverance and tenacity.

   And because many contemporary college students are only children, they are smooth in the process of growth, and their ability to resist setbacks is relatively poor. Once they encounter difficulties, they often have feelings of withdrawal, inferiority, depression. The characteristics of sports can evade these emotions very well. Therefore, sports is very important for cultivating college students to form a strong will.

   (3) Promoting the formation of harmonious interpersonal relationships

   In universities, interpersonal relationships directly affect students' psychological state. Students with harmonious interpersonal relationships tend to have a happy mood and full of energy. Students with poor interpersonal relationships are always depressed and have no fun.

   People must have interpersonal communication in sports, including language communication, physical communication, etc. Sometimes they only need eyes, gestures, etc. to exchange their voices and communicate information, thus creating a sense of trust and a sense of collective honor. Create a sense of closeness, overcome loneliness in sports, and establish harmonious interpersonal relationships.

   (4) The emergence of cooperation and competition awareness

   The real connotation of sports is cooperation and competition. Sports have obvious group characteristics. Sports requires participants to work together, cooperate with each other, support each other, make up for each other's strengths, and give full play to the advantages of each individual.

In this process participants compete for common corporate goals and collective honors. They learn to appreciate when their companions win; learn to be humble when they succeed, and learn to share when they succeed. At the same time, the competitive characteristics of sports require participants to correctly treat the loss of honor and disgrace, learn to share the joy of victory with friends, and learn to withstand the test of failure. They experience cooperation and competition in sports and comprehend the true sportsmanship.


Third, the main factors restricting contemporary college students' sports

   (1) Not knowing the position

   Many people pay less attention to physical exercise. There are many students who have such a misunderstanding: I think that as long as you use more nutrients in your diet, you will stay healthy even if you don't participate in physical exercise. Many college students do not take the initiative in physical education. Many people just want to pass the exam, not to promote physical and mental health and exercise. Thus, the enthusiasm of the movement is fundamentally lost.

   (2) Lack of sports equipment

   Some colleges and universities have relatively low expenditure on sports expenses, which restricts the renewal and maintenance of sports facilities, and the existing venue facilities cannot be used effectively. There is an embarrassing situation of “can only be seen and cannot be used”. Sports equipment is the foundation of sports development. Without sports equipment, it is difficult for sports to develop and exert its effectiveness.

   (3) Single form of movement

   In fact, the reason for the single sports activities of college students is not only because of the limited resources of sports equipment and venues, but also the impact of school sports. Over the years, college sports games have generally followed the inherent model, basically based on track and field, and invisibly lost some opportunities to develop new projects. Moreover, for college students, the limited ability of their own mastery of sports skills also limits their development. These, inevitably, result in a single form of college sports.

   (4) Lack of necessary mechanisms

   College students' physical education is no longer the key subject content of college teaching. Therefore, the teaching quality and curriculum of physical education classes are rarely supervised and inspected.

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In many colleges and universities, there is a compulsory course for students in the first year of college, and no physical education is selected in the sophomore, junior, and fourth grades. However, contemporary college students rarely carry out systematic sports training during the junior high school period. Therefore, it is too ideal to achieve the purpose of training by relying on the public physical education teaching of the university alone.

It is difficult for college students to get systematic training in college. From the perspective of college students' emphasis on physical education, it is even more worrying. Most students only deal with physical education.