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Do not drop tea leaves but use them well

People who drink tea regularly must appreciate the beauty of tea, aroma and taste. The tea after drinking tea has no taste, but there are other uses that can help us solve some small tangles in life. Let us today. Get up and study.

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Deodorant cleaning
1. After eating a spicy chili, if the spicy taste is unbearable, you can rinse your mouth with warm water and then chew some lightly fermented tea, such as green tea leaves, Pu'er tea, so that you can temporarily relieve the burning pain caused by the pepper. . In addition, after eating garlic and onion ginger, chewing some tea leaves and then rinsing the water can also remove the odor in the mouth.

2. After the dried tea leaves are dried in a light and breathable bag or socks, put them into the smelly shoes, the tea can absorb the sweat and moisture in the shoes, and the function of removing the odor.

3. New clothes and new pants usually have a pungent odor, which is caused by the use of dyes in the production of clothing. If it is not removed, it will be very uncomfortable to wear. You can use light tea (light fermented tea - green tea, Pu'er) Raw tea) soaks the clothes to remove the chemical taste of the dye, except for white ones.

4. If the refrigerator is of a normal size, use 50 grams of flower tea in a nylon bag and put it in the refrigerator to remove the odor caused by storing food all the year round. After one month, take the tea out and put it on the balcony for exposure. It can be used again. This method is very effective in removing odor.

5. Wipe the furniture with a medium-concentration tea soaked in a rag to remove dirt and oil. Some new homes have some pungent smells of paint, formaldehyde and rubber. They can be wiped several times with a rag soaked in strong tea. It can remove odors and protect furniture.

Life magic
6. Wipe the mirror, door and window and glass, and dark clothes with tea. It can have a good decontamination effect. On the other hand, if the brightly colored clothes fade, you can rinse with light tea, and you can restore the original clothes to some extent. The color.

7. If it is the rainy season, driving to work is an indispensable thing, but people often feel that their wipers can't clean the windshield. At this time, there is no suitable cleaning agent on the hand. You can use tea instead of glass cleaner. The effect is good. In addition, if you put some flower tea in the car, it also has the function of deodorizing and deodorizing, and the effect is much better than the car accessories with chemical fragrance added.

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8. Mixing the dried tea leaves and the soil of the pots to plant the flowers and plants, not only can maintain the moisture of the soil, but also can be used as the organic matter of the flowers, but not too much, generally the ratio of tea to soil 1:4 . The reminder here is that you can't pour the freshly brewed hot tea directly into the flower pot, which will burn the flowers and plants.

9. The kitchen utensils and the range hood are stained with oil. After boiling the water with fresh tea leaves, wipe them on the kitchen utensils and the range hood. Wash them several times.

10. You can also use the waste tea when cleaning the carpet. After drying the tea, sprinkle it on the carpet and sweep it with a broom. Because the tea itself has a strong adsorption capacity, it can absorb moisture and absorb dust.

Cooking magic
11. Soak in Pu'er tea or oolong tea (moderate fermented tea) for about 10 minutes in boiling water, filter with clean gauze, pour the filtered tea into the pre-washed rice, and follow the normal cooking process. The rice is full of flavor and flavor, and it is easier to digest. This is the tea that we often say but have not eaten.

12. When cooking seafood, I often feel troubled by removing the smell. With tea, you can open the steamer and evenly add some tea when the boiling water is boiling. The seafood produced is not only sweet and delicious, but also No smell. In addition, friends who like to eat crabs and prawns can be washed with cold tea after the shrimps and crabs are cleaned, not only to ensure the taste of the seafood, but also to remove the astringency.

13. When boiled beef and boiled lamb, you can put a little tea with clean gauze and put it into the pot to cook with the meat. The meat is not only cooked quickly, but also soft and delicious.

14. Taiwan compatriots say that mainlanders cannot afford to eat tea eggs, but that is a big rumor. Boiled eggs with black tea, the boiled tea eggs are not only rosy but also delicious. First cook the eggs, then break the eggshell into the black tea and continue to simmer and let it taste.

15. Make the chicken-flavored chicken legs. First, pour the tea out, cook the chicken legs, apply a little salt on the chicken legs, pour the tea into the chicken legs, soak for 10 minutes; heat the wok and add a little oil. Pour all the ingredients, first marinate, then pour the tea into the iron pan, the amount is just after the chicken legs, then put two crystal sugar, then pour two spoons of soy sauce, after the brine is boiled, then Pour the rest of the tea and cover it with a simmer. You can take the work in about 10 minutes, and you can eat the chicken legs and put them on the plate.

16. This is the first dish of the Xiaobian Society, which is Longjing Shrimp. The tea leaves are boiled with boiling water, the shrimp is dehulled, washed, a little salt, egg white, starch is added and stirred by hand and developed for 15 minutes. Pour the oil into the pot, you can add more. After the heat is 30%, pour the shrimp into the oil, quickly remove the oil, then remove the shrimp, pour the green onion and sauté the onion, then remove the onion and pour the shrimp into the shrimp. Stir well with chicken and stir well before pouring into Longjing tea juice.

Beauty beauty

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17. Polyphenols in tea can resist oxidation. Put fresh wet tea into cotton bags for face or eye application. It has the effect of beauty and nourishing dark circles. If the eyes are swollen, you can use the tea in the morning after freezing it.

18. Shampoo on weekdays, hair conditioner shampoo is just like a lot, but in fact, the effect of tea is also great for the protection of the law. Soak the washed hair in tea, stay for a few minutes, then rinse with water, not only can repair the scalp And the tea contains no preservatives and will not hurt the hair. Taking a bath with tea can remove body odor, protect the skin and reduce the occurrence of skin diseases.

19. Collect the relatively complete tea that you have used, and then dry it in the sunny place. The accumulated tea leaves can be filled with pillows and pillows. These tea pillows are not only soft and suitable, but also have the effect of calming the mind.