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It turns out that women of all ages have this health problem

It turns out that women of all ages have this health problem

2019-01-18 15:18:39

According to the World Bank's 2017 labor market data, China's female labor force participation rate reached 61.5%, which is higher than high-income countries such as the United States (55.7%), Japan (50.5%) and France (50.6%). Women have long been an important support for Chinese society.

However, after hard work in the workplace, going home to take care of the family, Chinese women, is also the hardest person. Huge pressure can easily bring physical and mental exhaustion to women.

Recently, Tsinghua University International Communication Research Center and Aojiabao Research Institute jointly released the "China Urban Workplace Women's Health Green Book" to conduct a comprehensive study on the work and health of Chinese women in the workplace.

The study found that both the 80-year-old in the workplace and the 90-year-old in the workplace, they all showed obvious sub-health status, and each of them faced more than 4 health problems.

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What caught my attention is that from the 60s to the 90s, women of all ages coexist, and they are the number one health problems, and they are exactly the same!

That is the problem of sleep!

Lying on the bed, turning to the side, it is difficult to sleep; wake up repeatedly at night, or can not fall asleep again after waking up... The next day I feel groggy, exhausted, and irritable, feeling that the positive energy of life is disappearing little by little...

I want to remind everyone that it is not a trivial matter to sleep well.

In addition to the troubles of dark complexion, dark circles, loose skin, irritability, and exhaustion, more and more research evidence suggests that poor sleep quality may increase the risk of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and even It may also be associated with a variety of cancer risks, including lymphoma, lung cancer, breast cancer, and thyroid cancer.

Search online and you will find many ways to alleviate insomnia: exercise, aromatherapy, meditation, and even change the color and layout of the bedroom. However, as a nutritionist, I want to remind you that you should not overlook an important aspect related to sleep - diet.

If you eat wrong, it will lead to insomnia. It is true.

Insomnia eating method 1: insufficient calcium and magnesium intake

Studies have shown that calcium deficiency can lead to insufficient or missing deep sleep.

Other studies have found that calcium helps the brain use melanine, an amino acid, to make melatonin, an important hormone associated with sleep rhythms.

Another study found that magnesium deficiency can cause sleep disorders, and high-magnesium diets can cause sleep disorders in adult women to get deep sleep, and it is not easy to wake up halfway.

If you don't like to drink milk, don't like to eat soy products, eat more meat, eat less vegetables, and like heavy foods, then you are likely to have insufficient intake of calcium and magnesium.


- Guarantee the supply of vegetables over 500 grams (food can be eaten, excluding skin, roots, old leaves, etc. discarded in the pre-treatment), especially for dinner, eat more cooked green leafy vegetables, supplement magnesium and calcium element.

- 300 grams of dairy products (including milk, yogurt) or 200 grams of dairy plus 150 grams of brine tofu per day. They are essential for supplying sufficient calcium, and brine tofu is also a good source of magnesium.

- Cooking less oil and salt, fish is not too much. Excessive oil and fat will reduce the absorption rate of calcium, while excessive salt and protein will promote the discharge of urinary calcium and exacerbate the problem of calcium deficiency.

Insomnia 2: B vitamin deficiency

A variety of B vitamins are closely related to nervous system function. If vitamin B1 is lacking, it will be frustrating and slow thinking, while staying up late or sleeping poorly will increase the consumption of vitamin B1.

Vitamin B6 deficiency often leads to insomnia, anxiety and confusion. This is because the deficiency of vitamin B6 causes the metabolic pathway of amino acid synthesis neurotransmitters to be disordered, and intermediate products accumulate, causing brain dysfunction.

If you like sweets and sweet drinks, the staple foods only eat white rice, such as white rice, porridge, rice noodles, noodles, etc., and rarely eat whole grains, such as whole wheat, brown rice, all kinds of beans, then You are very likely to lack vitamin B1.

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Because the content of B vitamins in polished rice and sweets is extremely low, and the content in whole grains is several times that of polished rice. In recent years, studies have found that eating whole grains, a staple food with low blood sugar response, is conducive to improving the quality of sleep.


- Replace at least half of the white rice, white taro, and white bread with miscellaneous grains and beans to increase the intake of magnesium and various B vitamins. In addition, steamed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes and other non-fried potato foods are also a good source of B vitamins.

- New bean vegetables and fresh nut oilseeds also contain more B vitamins, such as tender broad beans, tender peas, tender peas, and prunes, sunflower seeds, peanuts, etc. that are not over-baked, not fried. .

- Do not eat sweets, including cakes, biscuits, cookies, sweet bread, etc., do not drink sweet drinks, such foods in the high content of fats, refined sugar, refined starch, dextrin and other ingredients. These ingredients not only do not contain B vitamins, but also consume vitamins from the body.

Insomnia eating 3: do not eat staple food, hunger diet

When losing weight, many people choose to eat less or not eat staple food. However, after not eating the staple food, a large part of the protein is consumed as calories. The raw materials of various neurotransmitters are insufficient in amino acid, and the balance of the neurotransmitter is disordered, which may easily cause insomnia.

Studies have shown that serotonin is closely related to insomnia. It is a neurotransmitter that is conducive to peace of mind and can be transformed from tryptophan in proteins. After eating the staple food, the "gamma-aminobutyric acid" contained in the foodstuffs is not available. This is a neurotransmitter that suppresses the excitability of the nervous system. Like serotonin, it helps people to go to sleep easily.

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In the absence of a staple food, the B vitamins from food suddenly broke. At the same time, when the staple food is insufficient, the gluconeogenesis effect is strengthened, and the consumption of B vitamins is increased. At this time, many problems of nervous system function, such as depression, decreased thinking ability, insomnia, depression, etc., are prone to occur. In addition, the intake of calcium and magnesium in dieting people is often insufficient, which increases the insomnia.

Even if there is no lack of nutrients, it is difficult to fall asleep when you go to sleep every day when you are hungry.


- Appropriate reduction of staple food, but not too little. It is recommended that women with less physical activity should eat at least 3 foods per day during weight loss (1 food is about the equivalent of half a bowl of rice). If you have exercise, you need to add 4 to 5 two.

——Drink a small bowl of lotus lily porridge in the evening, or eat two or three red dates as the nightingale, add a little carbohydrate food to help sleep.

Insomnia eating 4: dinner too late or too greasy

Dinner too late, too greasy, too irritating, or a lot of nightingale at night, will affect sleep. During sleep, the gastrointestinal tract also has to work overtime; after eating, the body's metabolic rate will rise. These are not conducive to physical rest and internal repair at night. Irritating foods can cause excessive body excitement to interfere with sleep.

In addition, because eating greasy food at night caused excessive bile secretion, the appetite was weak the next morning, breakfast did not even eat breakfast, and there is a danger of promoting gallstones.


- Dinner is at least 3 hours away from sleep. The salty taste of the dishes is light and the greasy food is less. Of course, hunger can also make it difficult to fall asleep, so don't easily omitting dinner. The amount of food is guaranteed to be not hunger before going to bed.

——If you sleep late at night, you may be hungry. It is recommended to drink a cup of soy milk or milk between 9 and 10 o'clock. These foods are more satiety, easy to digest, and do not interfere with sleep.

Insomnia eating 5: intake of caffeine

Coffee and strong tea contain more caffeine, which can significantly affect sleep for sensitive people.

Caffeine is also found in chocolate, cola, cocoa powder, and refreshing drinks. What is most overlooked is that sweet and greasy commercial teas often contain large amounts of caffeine.


- People who are prone to insomnia should avoid eating caffeinated foods, and do not drink coffee, cocoa and tea after lunch.

——Don't drink coffee and refreshing drinks in order to cheer up during the daytime fatigue and sleepiness.

Insomnia eating 6: drinking a lot

Although alcohol can relax nerves, it also reduces the quality of sleep, reduces deep sleep time, and increases the number of night waking. Don't drink in the name of helping sleep, even red wine.


- Try to avoid drinking, if you must drink, limit it to 15 grams of alcohol.

Other tips about sleep may help you:

- Exercise for half an hour every day, can effectively increase deep sleep;

——Do not do mental work after 9 pm, do not think about problems, let the brain relax;

——Do not argue with your family before going to bed, not to mention the topic that causes emotional excitement;

——Don't watch the mobile phone for a long time before going to bed, don't let the strong light enter the pupil at a close distance, avoid affecting the synthesis of melatonin and avoid excessive nerve excitement;

—— Take a hot bath before going to bed, do a gentle massage, do abdominal breathing, and relax your body in stages;

- Add a reflective layer to the curtains to avoid interference from outside light or wear an eye patch.

On the basis of adjusting the diet, changing sleep habits and environment, relaxing mood and reducing stress, most women can realize the good wishes of sleeping until dawn!