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Learn about the Nordic-style diet

Learn about the Nordic-style diet, not only environmentally healthy but also able to lose weight

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As the economic level has improved, people's lives have improved and the diet has changed. The structure and habits of the diet are directly related to our body. By adjusting our daily diet and habits, we can prevent, avoid certain diseases or improve existing diseases. At present, many people's diet is unhealthy. Fried foods, sweets and various deep-processed food snacks seem to slowly become the main body, but excessive intake of these foods will affect our health. So what kind of dietary structure should we establish to make our body healthier? Through the study of diet nutrition experts, the Nordic-style diet is the most healthy and reasonable, not only that, mimicking the Nordic diet, long-term adherence, but also to achieve weight loss.

Some nutritionists tell us that in order to be healthy, we should eat a lot of vegetarian food and reduce meat. But the Nordic diet may give us another way to eat healthy. Studies have shown that Nordic people's eating habits help to lose weight and lower blood pressure, because the Nordic people particularly emphasize the seasonal, regional and health properties of food, these Nordic people pay special attention to the food is exactly the heart and lower Blood pressure food requirements. The Nordic diet features traditional and regional food from countries such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Their diet consists mainly of the following broad categories: cereals, black berries and fruits, vegetables, fatty fish and beans. By observing the above food types, you will find that these foods are more helpful to our human health, and it is not difficult to explain why the Nordic-style diet is the healthiest study.

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Nordic people like to use canola oil, which is rich in healthy single unsaturated fat. Nordic people also emphasize the consumption of high quality carbohydrates: such as cereals, crackers and bread made from whole wheat barley, oats and rye. For example, Swedish Wasa wafers, which are mostly made from whole grains, are popular among Americans with heavier tastes. There is also a yeast bread called Rugbrd in Denmark which is also very popular. These whole grain foods provide a rich source of nutrients to protect the heart, including fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Another preference for berries is another unique aspect of the Nordic diet. Studies have shown that eating large amounts of berries (such as blueberries and strawberries) can reduce weight gain and reduce the risk of heart attack. Berries are rich in phytochemicals called anthocyanins, which reduce blood pressure and make blood vessels more flexible.

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The Nordic healthy diet emphasizes plant foods. Foraging purposes mainly include the right amount of fish, eggs and a small amount of dairy products, but limit the consumption of processed foods, sweets and red meat. So the Nordic diet has an environmentally friendly advantage, because the plant-based diet consumes less natural resources than the meat diet and produces less pollution. In addition, eating locally produced foods can also reduce food waste and consumption.