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Is the milk tea calorie too high? 5 low calorie DIY drinks

The summer is unbearable, everyone is facing a huge roasting test, and the sweat that sticks to the face every day is wiped clean. What do we continue to do every day? In addition to air conditioning wifi and watermelon, there is a cup of ultra-frozen cold drink.

The most popular beverage in the beverage industry is the national network red “drink”, which was officially debuted in the past few years – milk tea, which not only monopolized the afternoon tea delivery in the office, but also promoted the necessity of weekend shopping. It also broke many rulers who kept saying that they want to reduce fat and sugar, and they stopped the BBQ, hot pot, quit the happy house water, and finally failed to escape the temptation of milk tea sweet, very difficult to adhere to the regular diet. Unconsciously joined the fresh take-away milk tea in the afternoon. Milk tea, as the name implies, has milk and tea, and can also choose low sugar and no sugar. Is it friendly to people who lose weight? Friends, wake up! The heat of this cup of food is so high that it can be said to be another happy house.

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Milk tea is not only as simple as milk and tea in the tea shop. The delicate and smooth milk is not the mellow taste of milk tea. The taste of milk tea comes from a lot of sugar, cream and cream. For example, a medium-sweet pearl milk tea (about 460ML) contains 410,000 calories, and a girl weighing 50 kilograms needs to run for 50 minutes at the normal speed of the sauna. This is a true inspirational story. More positively, a cup of milk tea has its own strength and can hold up a fat system. The fat group with a fat content of 19.8 g is equivalent to a box of whole milk (9 g fat) + one egg (5 g fat) + 200 g lean beef (6 g fat), which provides half the amount of fat a person needs per day. It is equivalent to 8 pieces of sugar, and the dietary guidelines for residents indicate that the best sugar intake per day is less than 25 grams. The more popular milk-covered tea tastes even better, and the fat content has a new height. The medium-cap milk cap has an average fat content of 30g, which is equivalent to two large chicken legs.

Do not drink normal sweetness, consciously choose less sugar or no sugar, is it possible to lose weight? I hope that when you finally know the truth, you will not cry. The cup in the sugar-free milk tea still has 300,000 calories, and the fat content is stubbornly retained at 19G. Even if “sugar-free” no longer adds extra sugar, the milk tea itself still has 9G sugar. After all, in order to take care of the taste, the store will not Let everyone "eat hard".

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Of course, if you really want to drink it, occasionally, we can drink a low-calorie fruit tea, followed by milk tea, milk-covered tea is the last one, and the sugar is preferably low-sweet such as less sugar or five sugar, less pearls. Pudding and other ingredients, what a big cup? It’s not good to ask you to have a small cup. After all, this means that those friends who are determined to break the milk tea and lose weight can lose weight. But are the fat friends who are determined not to drink milk tea finally drink only boiled water?

It’s not awkward! Other big drinks in the beverage industry are not convinced. Although the C position of milk tea can't be shaken, but the weak water is three thousand, why only drink milk tea? In fact, there are a lot of good drinks, low-calorie drinks that dispel heat in summer, waiting for everyone to skip milk tea to find them~ because the outsiders sell more than half of high sugar and high fat, not as good as their own DIY. Today we will introduce 5 homemade drinks, which are so simple that they can be done immediately after work.

Three minutes summer lemonade OR bubble water

Ingredients: fresh lemon * 2, ice water / bubble water 1000 ml, mint leaves, sugar / honey amount (or not added)

Practice: Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the lemon juice into the cup. Then pour in ice water / soaked water, add a small amount of sugar (not added), and mix well. Cut the lemon slices into pieces and put in mixed lemonade/bubble water. Covered with mint leaves.

Tip: In addition to lemon, you can also add kiwi, dragon fruit and lychee according to your taste. Without sugar or honey or eating lemon, the calories are close to 0 kcal. Among them, carbohydrate 3G; protein 0g; fat 0.

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Super delicious ice cold cool ice green bean paste

Ingredients (4): 200 grams of mung beans, 2000 ml of water, moderate amount of sugar (not added)

Practice: Wash the mung beans and soak them in water for 1-2 hours. Add water and mung beans to the pan and cook for 2-3 hours. When the mung bean begins to bloom, add some sugar (no added) and remove the boiled beans. After cooking, pour it out, put it in the refrigerator, and chill for 1-2 hours.

Calories 158 large pieces / person; carbohydrate 25g; protein 10g; fat 0.

Fresh papaya white fungus soup

Ingredients (3): Tremella 30g, papaya (about 500 grams), water 1500 ml, sugar amount.

Practice: Dry white fungus soaked in cold water, papaya peel, seeds and cut. Tremella was cleaned. Add 1500 ml of water to the pot, add to the fungus for 1 hour after boiling. Add papaya and the right amount of sugar. Continue to stew for 20 minutes. Well done, it tastes better after freezing.

Calorie 8W card; carbohydrate 14g; protein 2g; fat 0.3g.

How to eat enough mango coconut milk

Ingredients (1): mango, coconut milk 50ml, sago 30g, ice milk 50ml, ice water amount.

Practice: Boil the water in the pot, pour in the sago, and cook for 10 minutes until there is only a little white heart left in the sago. After the sago is completely transparent, remove the cold water and pour it into the bowl. Cut the cooked sago into mango and cut it into half a mud. Put the mango sauce in a bowl, pour the coconut milk into a bowl and mix with sago. Add the mango, then pour the ice milk and the right amount of ice water.

250,000 calories in calories (half of the calories come from sago, if you think the heat is high, you can put sago less). Fat 9g; carbohydrate 30g; protein 5.4G.

Nutritious banana milkshake

Ingredients (1): 1 banana, 250g milk

Practice: Cut the banana into thin slices, put in a milk blender / soymilk / juicer, pour into the cup, and refrigerate.

No machine version: If you don't have a blender and other utensils, you can turn the milk into a sugar-free yogurt, cut the banana or paste it into the mud, then mix it with the yogurt.

Heat 260,000 calories; protein 7.7g; fat 9g; carbohydrate 33.5g.

Resisting the strong temptation of high-calorie foods, reducing fat is an important step in weight loss. Delicious and low-calorie are not both fish and bear's paw. You can easily start your own calories and get a good new meal.