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How many meals a day is proper during fitness

How many meals a day is proper during fitness

2019-03-21 11:17:11
The work of modern people is very busy. In this case, the big problem that many people face is the irregular diet. There is a diet that doesn't have a meal, which may bring more serious health risks than imagined.

Before starting to exercise, most people are most accustomed to the most recognized way of eating is to eat three meals a day, but after starting fitness, they have a stronger sense of health. How many meals a day to achieve the best results confuse a lot of people. Eating breakfast is good for health, not eating dinner can lose weight, eating less and eating more is the best, and so on. But in fact, there is no absolute answer to this question. Today this article lets us analyze this one by one,pros and cons.

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One meal a day

Although a meal a day only limits the number of meals, eating only one meal at a time does not eat, but to some extent limits the intake amount of food. After all, the size of the stomach capacity is limited. Ordinary people can only eat 1/2-1/3 of the calories and nutrients needed for the next day. Therefore, most people eat only one meal a day, which is no different from dieting.

To make a simple calculation, an adult male needs to consume about 2,000-3,000 calories per day to maintain his weight. A McDonald's Big Mac has about 540 calories, which means if you want a day. Eat a meal, and maintain your own weight, then this will eat 4-6 Big Mac, this kind of gluttony occasionally try to be okay, long-term to do so must be acceptable except for the big stomach king.

Therefore, if only occasional special circumstances lead to eating once a day is harmless, but in the long run it will easily lead to malnutrition, eating disorders and affecting gastrointestinal function, so it is not recommended to eat only one meal a day.

Two meals a day

Eating two meals a day is very much in line with the busy white-collar workers who are busy with daily routines. For example, they have no breakfast at night, they have finished eating dinner, they have no appetite, they don’t want to eat, they want to lose weight and eat less. There will also be many people who have the habit of two meals a day for a long time. Compared to eating only one meal a day, eating two meals a day can better meet the calorie needs, but it is more difficult to achieve a balanced nutritional health.

Most people eat only two meals a day because they are forced to work or have irregular eating and drinking. Therefore, the proportion of micro-nutrients, protein, fat and carbon water is often difficult to achieve a good ratio, and the intake of trace elements such as vitamins and minerals is difficult to balance. However, if the person who adopts this diet arrangement is more self-disciplined and deliberately takes the form of two meals a day, and can also well match the nutrition of each meal, then two meals a day generally have no problem.

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Three meals a day

Three meals a day is the most accustomed diet for most people. This is not only because of the habit of becoming natural. This arrangement has the following advantages: it conforms to the routine of most people's work and life; it conforms to the law of digestive digestion. In the case of three meals, for example, from 8 am to 6 pm, each meal is separated by about 4 hours, which is in line with the time required for gastric emptying, and is the most suitable method for most ordinary people.

More than three meals a day

For the fitness person, in addition to the normal three meals a day, it is a better arrangement to make reasonable meals according to their own situation before and after training, which can better meet the energy demand and hunger. But in addition, like this three-day + two meals, or a simple meal and a small meal a day, for ordinary people, there is no more advantage than three times a day, whether it helps to improve metabolism To improve the food heat effect or to reduce appetite and increase satiety. So if you want to lose fat, you don't have to take a small meal.

Eat less and eat more meals to increase metabolism and food heat effects? NO!

The food heat effect (TEF) refers to the amount of calories that the body needs to consume to digest and absorb certain foods. It is only related to the amount and type of food, and it is not directly related to how long it takes to eat and how many times it is eaten. If you eat 4-5 tons a day can effectively increase the metabolism and increase the food heat effect, then the extreme point is to increase the number of food intake to 40-50, 4, 500, and to unlimited, will the metabolic and food heat effects increase? In the case that the total amount of food and the amount of calories burned have not changed, is it possible to eat more and become thinner and become a lightning disappearance? Obviously impossible, and in fact there are many studies showing that people's metabolic capacity, food heat effects and body weight will not be different because they eat three meals a day or six meals in the same total calorie intake. .

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Why are you eating too much and being overrated?

Everyone can find that in the fitness diet, eating small meals has always been respected. Why is this? The first big reason is that many bodybuilders consume a lot more calories than normal people because of their weight, daily activities and training. Therefore, the daily nutritional needs are higher than ordinary people. As mentioned above, the amount of calories that can be eaten is often limited. Therefore, taking more foods in multiple times can actually reduce the burden on the stomach and the need for multiple training a day.

Another reason is that the scientific understanding of fitness is constantly improving. Many people often think that eating frequency is more healthy and more beneficial to achieve better fitness results when they first start exercising. But now This cognition has been overturned and covered by new theories, that is, to discuss according to the actual situation, and no one way is absolutely correct and suitable for everyone. Therefore, as a rational bodybuilder, we should constantly improve our knowledge level in order to continue the scientific fitness path with the times.