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Europe first underwater restaurant opens in Norway

The restaurant is now everywhere, but have you heard of the underwater restaurant? In fact, for underwater restaurants, we have doubts in all aspects. Why do underwater restaurants appear? Is it necessary to eat underwater and so on? In fact, the first underwater restaurant in Europe has appeared, and many people have already made an appointment.

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On the 20th, local time, the first underwater restaurant in Europe opened in Norway, attracting more than 7,000 diners to make an appointment, hoping to enjoy the food surrounded by fish.

According to reports, this restaurant is located at the southern end of Norway. It looks like a huge cement-tube underground tunnel, half immersed in the North Sea, named "Under". This word is synonymous with Norwegian and Wonder. .

This restaurant was designed by Norwegian Snokhta Architects, a well-known building that the company has built, including the Norwegian Opera House in the capital Oslo and the 911 Memorial in New York.

Sonson, the founder of Snochta, said: “The fascinating part of this restaurant is that the building is underwater from the water... This panoramic window presents a different underwater view than the aquarium, which is the real seabed. landscape."

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It is reported that entering the underwater restaurant initially feels like walking into the warmth, because the upper part is covered by wooden boards, but follows the 8 meter staircase leading to the bottom dining area for 40 people, surrounded by large transparent windows, straight to the right. ocean.

Sosen said that the building can cope with the very harsh climate, and its exterior design can withstand the "century waves".

According to the report, the restaurant is well designed, so that the reflection of the glass wall is small, the indoor white is full of natural light, and the pale green of the seawater is infiltrated. A 18-course meal with local ingredients and seafood dishes, with a price of about $430 per person.

It is reported that there are only a few underwater restaurants in the world, mainly concentrated in tropical waters, such as the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

Dining at the undersea restaurant in Anantara Jihawa is best booked in advance. The long staircase extends to the depths of the hidden sea. At the end, it seems to be in the magical world. Large blocks of coral surround people. The fish swim in groups, and they don't know how to get tired. They play in the dancing corals.

There is an interesting rule in Jihwa, where you can get a bottle of free champagne if you can recognize more than 10 fish. It seems that it is worth it for this bottle of wine. In fact, each table has a marine biology manual that identifies common fish and other species near Jihwa. Of course, there are also marine life experts on the island, who can answer all kinds of questions at any time. Maybe if you dine out of the Jihawa Undersea Restaurant, you will become a marine creature.

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The underwater restaurant of Jihwa is also the resort's wine cellar. While enjoying the gap between the sea and the sea, you can also find your own wine in the wine cellar. Some wines are much older than me.

The cuisine of the underwater restaurant was created by the top chefs. I chose the lobster set, and the soup, the starter, and the main course were all cooked with lobster. The snorkeling fish and delicious lobster dishes make this time even more dreamy, creating an unforgettable underwater adventure. The entire undersea restaurant is very quiet, except for the knife and fork hitting the cup plate, no sound, dancing with the coral, and sharing the fish.

The name of the undersea restaurant is Sea, and the special dining area of Anantara Jihawa is here, above the ocean, as well as Fire, Salt, and Sky, which is even more impressive with Salt. The plates in the restaurant are made of Himalayan salt, and should be eaten as soon as possible after the delicious end, otherwise the salt will melt and the taste will be heavy. You can also taste different salt from all over the world, and the colors are different.

However, like the water house in Jihwa and the SPA, I have never been far from the sea. When the SPA is on the bed, the fish is swimming in front of the water. The rest room in the dining area is also very cool. Transparent glass, like the fish swimming underwater.