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Hot water? Still ice water? Drinking water must be warm or cold?

Hot water? Still ice water? Drinking water must be warm or cold?

2019-04-16 22:39:33
It’s a trivial thing to mention this drinking, but do you know? The water temperature of this drinking water is also really stressful.

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One of the hottest stalks recently is "drinking hot water." Whether it is a girl's stomach pain, fever, or menstrual period, the straight men's cure for all diseases is "to drink more hot water", but also makes people laugh and scream.

The friends who have traveled abroad are not difficult to find. Foreigners usually drink cold water. Not only does the restaurant not provide hot water, but many hotels do not have equipment such as kettles. It seems that the Chinese people are used to drinking hot water. same.

So, is it hot water or ice water health? Let's talk about the effects of drinking water at different temperatures on the body.

Cold water: 2-10 ° C

The temperature of cold water is generally below 10 °C, and the ice water varies according to the amount of ice, which is generally 0 °C. This kind of water temperature is very different from the human body temperature, so it will cause a strong physiological reaction after drinking.

After the cold water inlet, the surface blood vessels in the mouth, esophagus, and stomach that are in contact are rapidly contracted, and the local blood circulation in contact is slowed down. Because the blood vessels of the digestive tract bear the important task of absorbing and transporting nutrients, when the blood circulation slows down, it will affect the function of digestion and absorption.

Therefore, when eating, we do not recommend drinking ice water and iced drinks below 10 °C, because it is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of food, especially friends with weak gastrointestinal function, may cause accumulation of food, gastrointestinal discomfort and other discomfort This is what the old man often said, "a hot and cold breath, easy stomach pain."

Cool white open: 20-30 ° C

Usually we often drink cool white, that is, room temperature water, room temperature water, according to the weather conditions at the time, the general temperature is around 20-30 °C. This water temperature is actually the most suitable for drinking.

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First of all, water that is closer to human body temperature does not stimulate the gastrointestinal tract after drinking, and does not affect the digestive function. In addition, this water, which is slightly lower than the body temperature, needs to be "warmed" by the human body before absorption. This process of "warming" water to body temperature requires burning calories.

According to a study by the University of Washington, people who drink cold water can consume an extra 80 calories per day, equivalent to one. The calories of white boiled eggs, two oranges or half a bowl of rice porridge, which is not a big help for those who strictly control diet in weight loss.

In addition, after the illness, fever and exercise, the body's core body temperature will rise, and in order to maintain the body's body temperature and normal physiological functions, people must reduce body temperature by sweating, etc., so that the core temperature falls back to normal, this Drinking cold whites helps to lower body temperature as soon as possible, while replenishing body fluids. American sports medicine research proves that drinking cool white open group in exercise can better maintain core temperature stability and play better.

Warm water: 40-50 ° C

Warm water, when we drink, it is warm and not hot, it is usually 40-50 °C. Because our oral and esophageal surfaces are covered with mucous membranes, the normal physiological temperature is 36.5-37.5 °C, and the feeding temperature should be maintained at 10-40 °C to maintain normal physiological functions. The highest temperature can withstand 50-60 °C. . Warm water can promote blood circulation and help digestion. In addition, it can relieve neuropathic pain such as migraine and menstrual pain, making people feel comfortable. Chinese medicine believes that water can nourish yin, heat can be warm and warm, and warm water is also very good for health.

Hot water: 70-80 ° C

The World Health Organization and the International Agency for Cancer have all suggested that drinking hot drinks above 65 °C will increase the risk of esophageal cancer. What is the concept of this temperature? Use boiling water to make tea, dry it for a while, or when the heat is hot, the water temperature is around 70 °C. The hot soup that has just been baked in the hot pot or soup is around 80 °C. The temperature of the American coffee just made by the coffee machine is about 95 °C.

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Therefore, "drinking hot water" is really not a panacea, but it may damage health. Many people eat hot things, feel the mouth and tongue are not comfortable, the first reaction is not to spit out, but just chew two mouths and swallow it, in fact, this is a very bad habit. It is important to know that the epithelial cells on the surface of the esophagus are much more delicate than the oral cavity, and swallowed by the mouth that cannot be absorbed by the mouth, only the esophagus is damaged. Before drinking water, try to touch the lips first. If your lips feel hot water, never drink them.