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Handmade coffee tips make your coffee better

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-10-09

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Q1: How much powder does the coffee powder need to be fine to achieve perfect extraction?
Grinding beans is the first step of handmade coffee, but it is also a step that many people are prone to failure. It is not too fine, too thick, which indirectly affects the taste of the boiled. If you want to accurately grasp the thickness of the coffee powder, you can use it. Xiaofeiying or Xiaofeima grinder can adjust the scale of coffee powder and accurately grind the ideal fineness. The best thickness of hand-washed coffee powder is between Yiyi Coffee (No.1~2) and French filter. In the middle of the pressure pot (No. 5~6), the degree is on the 4th. The smaller the number, the finer the powder is. If you use a traditional hand-cranked grinder, the size of the coffee is suitable for half the size of red sugar, but the disadvantage of the manual grinder is that it is easy to have uneven thickness. Too fine coffee powder will be over-extracted, and it is easy to extract coffee impurities together; too coarse coffee powder will be insufficiently extracted and the taste will be weak.

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Q2: How to handle the water when the coffee is brewed? How to master the direction and speed of water injection?
When brewing coffee, first of all, it will first pass through the steaming stage, the time is about 15~30 seconds, let the coffee powder absorb water, the water-filled coffee powder will swell, and produce another kind of aroma, the longer the steaming time, the coffee The more the taste will be, the amount of water that is usually steamed is twice that of coffee powder. For example, 30 grams of coffee powder, about 60cc of water, can make the coffee powder absorb water.

After the steaming is finished, the water injection operation is carried out. It is generally recommended that the beginner use a small mouth hand-washing pot. The water injection amount is not too much and it is not easy to fail; the water injection is easy to extract the coffee, if you are an ordinary hand-washing pot At the beginning, the amount of water should not be too large. When the end of the process is over, use a large water jet to avoid excessive impurities. The ideal time for the entire water injection is about 1 minute and a half to 2 and a half. If you want the coffee to be thicker, the speed can be slowed down.

The direction of water injection can start from the center and wind outward in a clockwise direction. Remember that the biggest impact is not to rush to the filter paper. In addition, there is a technique called brewing water when brewing coffee, which is to interrupt the water injection process. This action can make the coffee taste not too heavy or too thin. For example, 360cc water can be interrupted at half 180cc. Wait until the water level on the coffee powder drops and continue to fill the water. This will adjust the flavor of the coffee and make the taste stronger. In addition, when the water column is too large, the water will be cut off to avoid the taste being too light. The taste of the coffee is also adjusted to the extraction rhythm. The number of times is recommended once or twice.

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Q3: Do different coffee filter cups affect the taste of coffee?
We have introduced three kinds of hand-washed coffee filter cups: trapezoidal, tapered and wave filter cups. These three kinds of filter cups may affect the taste of coffee. The biggest key is the water flow speed. Due to the different design of the water guide groove, Will affect the flow rate of coffee extraction. The traditional trapezoidal filter cup has a small opening and a slow flow rate, so the hand-feeling coffee will be thicker, but the disadvantage is that the flow rate may be too slow, resulting in a bitter taste in the water; the conical filter cup is a large hole, the flow rate It's faster, but the taste may be lighter; the wave filter cup is because it has a flat bottom, with a wave filter paper, the groove on the filter paper guides the water down, the water flow is the smoothest, and the filtered coffee has the most uniform taste. .

Q4: Can the filter bowl replace the filter paper?
At present, there is a metal filter bowl on the market, which can be achieved without the use of filter paper. The material of stainless steel is also quite durable. The advantage of the metal filter bowl is that it can save the filter paper, save money and environmental protection, and then retain more coffee oil to make the mouth more rich, but also because the pores of the filter are too fine, the coffee powder is easy to pass. How much will drink some powder, it is recommended to filter the fine powder with a sieve sifter before hand rubbing, so that the taste will be relatively clean.