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Don't buy the wrong food!

With the advancement of the times, people's quality of life has gradually improved, and the requirements for health and wellness have become higher and higher. Gradually, people began to pay more and more attention to diet, and many friends who are losing weight gradually began to improve their diet and make their diet "look" more healthy.

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Why do you say that the editors here look more healthy? In fact, there are many foods that may look very healthy on the surface, but these foods are all wolves in sheep's clothing, either bad for the body or extremely high in calories! It is simply an energy bomb! Don't be fooled by their appearance, be careful to eat more and get fatter. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about the more common fake health foods in supermarkets.

Weight loss juice
People who have been in the process of losing weight for a long time should have heard of slimming juice. Some friends have tried it before, but in fact, in Xiaobian, this kind of juice and diet pills is a reasonable reason. After drinking, it will improve the efficiency of bowel movements. It may be a large amount of scales in a short period of time, but in fact, it is just water and waste in your body. You must not have been drinking this kind of thing all the time. Once your diet returns to normal, and your water and body food return to normal, your weight will return to its original state. Even some merchants who drink better for the taste, will eat too much sugar in the sugar powder, will increase the efficiency of body fat synthesis, you may just lose weight, but the body's fat is increasing.

Xiaobian said in his heart, instead of drinking this kind of thing, it is better to eat some fruits, and it is much better to replace the staple food with fruits than this kind of juice.

One: cereal
During the weight loss process, many friends use cereal instead of staple food. In fact, there is nothing wrong with cereal. It is a good choice to replace the staple food with cereal. Because the cereal is rich in dietary fiber, and the satiety is particularly good. After eating cereal, it may be I don't feel hunger for a long time, but there are some kinds of cereals in the supermarket that can't be chosen. For example, if there are too many additives or flavored cereals, it is best not to choose.

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If your goal is to reduce fat, then we must choose whole-grain cereals because the amount of additives in whole-grain cereals is minimal, minimizing calorie intake, and if you want that If the taste is chosen to have a taste or if there is oatmeal with other things added, then there may be a lot of calorie intake between the invisible.

Two: Digestive biscuits
In fact, many people think that the reason why this kind of biscuit is healthy is because its name does seem to cause an illusion. It even thinks that eating this kind of biscuit can lose weight, and the color looks particularly healthy, which will make people The illusion of whole-grain biscuits, in fact, most of this biscuit is made of flour, which will also be less than 10% of wheat flour, and its production process is fried, so if you expect to eat this If the biscuit can lose weight, then it is still to wash and sleep.

Three: popcorn
Popcorn looks particularly healthy from the outside, white and made of coarse grains, so many people think that eating popcorn won't gain weight, but do you know? A barrel of popcorn may have more than 1000 calories, especially popcorn made in cinemas and roadside stalls, they will add a lot of cream, and now the heat of the oil may be higher than you think, and The belly of popcorn is particularly bad. You may not have any feeling when you eat it in a bucket, but the heat is already seriously exceeded.

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Vegetable chips
To be honest, when Xiaobian first saw this vegetable chip, he also liked it very much, and the taste was crunchy. There was a feeling of eating biscuits. At that time, Xiaobian thought it was made of vegetables, so the heat would not Very high, but every 100 grams of vegetable chips, the heat is as high as 500 calories, and its production process is also used to fry, and will also add some additives, making him more attractive, feeling Especially bad, so if you are also using this vegetable chip, Xiao Bian suggests not to eat, otherwise you may eat more and more fat.

In the process of losing weight, exercise is very important, and diet is also very important. Don't buy any diet pills or some processed foods in the supermarket. It is better to buy more vegetables and do it yourself.