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How to achieve a "healthy and reasonable" diet?

Speaking of health, this is all the concern, and diet is really closely related to our health. So how do we do a healthy and reasonable diet?

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First of all, regular and quantitative eating habits, three meals a day must follow a fixed amount of fixed time, breakfast, full lunch, eat less, eat a small amount of food after a meal, do not overeating. If you eat a lot of high-protein food such as meat, eggs, milk, etc. at dinner, it will increase the amount of calcium in the urine, on the one hand, reduce the calcium storage in the body, induce childhood rickets, juvenile myopia and middle-aged osteoporosis, another In terms of high calcium concentration in the urine, the possibility of suffering from urinary calculi will be greatly improved. Moreover, if too much protein is ingested, the body will not be absorbed and will stay in the intestines, which will deteriorate and produce ammonia, strontium, hydrogen sulfide, etc. Toxins that stimulate the intestinal wall to induce cancer.

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Diversified foods, with a combination of quality and consistency. Do not be full or vegan, you can add some coarse grains in the polished rice noodles. Protein foods are mainly poultry, fish, and eggs, and livestock are eaten in moderation. Eat more seasonal fruits, vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables. Light diet, less oil and low salt, more steamed, stewed, less frying. Keep away from processed foods, smoked, and marinated foods. In short, it is to be a vegetarian diet, balanced nutrition, daily diet, less greasy, less spicy, more vegetables, less meat, less alcohol, eat a little fruit after a meal.

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Usually, we should drink more cold and white. Drinking more water will help our body's metabolism. It will help our health. The drink we used to drink is replaced by water. The beverage contains a large amount of phosphoric acid and carbonic acid, which affects the absorption of calcium, causing a large loss of calcium in the body. The beverage produces gas in the stomach, causing a feeling of fullness, affecting the intake of the meal and affecting the digestive function. Drinking more water is good for us, but don't drink too much.

After eating, you must exercise in moderation. Only good eating habits do not necessarily have a good body. The right amount of exercise is good for discharging toxins from our body. Exercise is good for us but remember the right amount and choose the one that suits us.
These are just some of my personal eating habits in daily life, and there are many small details that I need to implement according to my actual situation. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can share your message with friends in the comment area below. Some friends who like Xiaobian like to pay more attention. Thank you for your support and wish you good health.