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5 tricks to make picky kids fall in love with vegetables

Do not like to eat green vegetables, I am afraid that most children are "common problems." The US "Drug Daily" published an article on August 6th, summarizing seven methods, "let the picky eaters fall in love with vegetables."

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1. More food and less meat in a meal. The study found that if the meat in the plate is half, the vegetables are only a little bit, and the child will naturally leave the vegetables to the end. And if you double the amount of vegetables, your child will be more interested in vegetables.
2. Make vegetables more interesting. The study found that giving children a vegetable also requires a "selling point." Usually because of the development of taste, children prefer sweets and are not interested in healthy vegetables such as tomatoes and pumpkins. Give the food a name, such as "perspective eye carrots", "superhero pumpkins", or do some food styling, which can increase your child's vegetable intake from 32% to 66%.
3. Don't just emphasize the benefits. In terms of food, children are most concerned about taste, and hunger and nutrition are irrelevant. A July 2014 study found that the easiest way for children to eat vegetables is to say "good for you" and "very nutritious".
4. Taste rainbow vegetables. A large number of psychological studies have found that don't ask children what vegetables they like to eat and help the little ones make decisions. It is a good choice to provide children with colorful "rainbow vegetables". For example, beets, corn, carrots, broccoli and cucumbers.

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5. Follow the "one-step rule." Habits begin with the first attempt. You can say "just eat one bit" to your child. After that, each meal gradually increases, allowing children to get used to eating vegetables. “One rule” is a simple breakthrough for children to fall in love with vegetables. When implemented, parents should be firm and do not bargain with their children.

6. Take advantage of the influence of your friends. Although parents sometimes can't set an example for children in eating vegetables, small partners can do this. When a friend takes a meal with a child, under the influence of the child, the child will not hesitate to eat vegetables that he does not like at home. The role of "companion pressure" cannot be underestimated.

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7. A vegetarian match. In a study in February this year, it was found that rationally matching vegetables with foods that children love to eat can greatly increase their intake of vegetables. Foreign comparative studies have found that after the combination of cabbage and cream cheese, the intake of children's vegetables increased from 20% to 72%.