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16 health warning lines are all drawn out, what misunderstandings do not touch?

16 health warning lines are all drawn out, what misunderstandings do not touch?

2018-12-21 11:01:31
Smoking and drinking, eating seaweed, sedentary staying up late
Increased waist circumference, high blood lipids...
Do you owe a large amount of "health debt"?

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16 health warning lines
Come check it out!
Neckline warning line: 35 cm
The neck is thick and the blood vessels are poor! Studies have suggested that people with thicker necks have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and a higher rate of cardiovascular disease after decades. Double chin and short neck may be signs of unhealthy heart.
Recommendation: Measure your neck, the male neck circumference should not exceed 39 cm, and the female neck circumference should not exceed 35 cm.
Waistline cordon: 100 cm
If you ask a doctor, the fat is the most dangerous place, the doctor will not hesitate to tell you, is the waist! Because the waist circumference increases by 2.54 cm, the risk of cancer increases by nearly 8 times. In addition, too much fat in the waist and abdomen will destroy the pancreatic system and increase the risk of diseases such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, fatty liver and diabetes.

Recommendation: The "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Overweight and Obesity in Adults in China" clearly stipulates that men's waist circumference is 85 cm and women's waist circumference is 80 cm.
Vascular cordon: total cholesterol 5.18
If you want to know more about your blood vessels, please go to a blood lipid first. If the total cholesterol is more than 5.18 mmol/L in the blood lipid test, LDL-C (low-density lipo-cholesterol) will show "↑", indicating your blood vessels. Health has lit up "red light" and the risk of stroke is increasing.
Suggestion: Eat 2 cloves of garlic every day. Garlic contained in garlic has the scavenger of blood vessels. Drinking cereal porridge, eating more fruits, laughing for 15 minutes every day, often stretching, are beneficial to protect blood vessels.

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Heartbeat warning line: 100 times / minute
When a person is quiet, the heart rate of 60 to 90 beats per minute is within the normal range. But if your heart rate continues to be fast, it can easily lead to some health problems. The study found that long-term fast heart rate can cause insulin resistance, which in turn leads to an increase in blood pressure and blood sugar; tachycardia increases the heart's work, and the pressure on the large blood vessels strengthens, which can lead to increased atherosclerosis.

Suggestion: To reduce the heart rate and to carry out regular physical activities, it can be housework or various sports. Usually 3 months of exercise, you can start to drop heart rate 4 to 5 times / minute.
Eat fruit cordon: at least half a catty per day
According to research findings:
The loss of life expectancy in China due to insufficient fruit intake is 1.73 years. About 15% of the total cause of death among people over the age of 25 (including 25) is due to insufficient fruit intake, and the number of attributable deaths is 1,438,400. The all-cause attribution score for fruit is second only to hypertension and smoking.
Recommendation: One pound of vegetables per day, half a catty of fruit, fruits and vegetables can not be replaced. Usually eaten fruits, such as oranges, bananas, kiwis, each have 2 to 3 weights, as long as you eat 2 to 3 is enough for half a catty, slightly larger fruits, such as apples and pears, one Almost half a catty.
Salt warning value: 6 g / day
Excessive intake of salt is closely related to hypertension and cardiovascular disease. It will also aggravate gastric mucosal damage, accelerate osteoporosis, and excessive salt intake and skin deterioration. Whether it is for health or beauty, salt control is crucial.

Recommendation: A beer bottle cap filled with salt is exactly 6 grams. Eat less processed foods such as snacks, pickles, and luncheon meat.
Eating sugar cordon: 25 g / day
In order to understand the health effects of sugar in the daily diet, Australian directors eat 40 teaspoons (about 160g) of sugar every day for 60 days. These sugars are hidden from so-called “healthy foods” such as low-fat yogurt, cereals and juices. Sugar".
At the end of the experiment (only 60 days), the body weight soared 8.5 kg, suffering from pre-diabetes, increased risk of heart disease, waist circumference surge of 10 cm, hoarding of harmful visceral fat, and emotional and cognitive functions were seriously affected. The health level falls from the best 20% to the worst 10%.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested that people who have long-term hyperglycemic foods have an average life expectancy of 10 to 20 years shorter than those of normal diets.
Recommendation: It is recommended that the daily intake of sugar per person should not exceed 50 grams, preferably within 25 grams. So don't eat sugar, don't eat it!