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German court ruled that Apple infringed Qualcomm patents or banned some of its mobile phones

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At the Apple Store in Berlin, Germany, people are watching the iPhone X conference. (Reuters)

On December 20, local time, a German court ruled that Apple, the maker of the iPhone, infringed a Qualcomm hardware patent and said that Apple could not continue to sell some iPhone models with special parts in Germany.

According to Reuters, Judge Matthias Zigann said in court that if Apple appeals, the ruling will not take effect immediately.

Currently, Apple has not commented on this matter.

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This case is the third major effort by Qualcomm to stop Apple from making a profit. Qualcomm sued Apple in the Munich District Court last July, hoping to get a ban on some iPhones from continuing to sell in Germany and asking Apple to pay compensation.

On October 11th, the Munich court in Germany rejected Qualcomm’s case of banned iPhone sales in Germany, and Qualcomm filed an appeal.

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At the same time, Apple also accused Qualcomm of engaging in anti-competitive business practices to protect its monopoly on so-called modem chips. The US Federal Trade Commission will file a lawsuit against Qualcomm’s business practices, which will be held in California next month. (Overseas Network, Xiangyang Geisha)