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I want to drink coffee and do it myself! The difference between several coffee machines

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-09-04

American coffee machine

Advantages: Suitable for people who are not sensitive to caffeine and who like to have a cup occasionally.

Disadvantages: lighter taste, less flavor, closer to American coffee.

Serving Size: 200ml coffee.

Material: coffee powder 10-15g, water 200ml.

Practice: According to the manufacturer and the instructions, you can punch out the coffee you want.

Note: The coffee used should not be ground to a very fine size.

Italian coffee machine

Advantages: Fast action, can supply a restaurant with a lot of people, more suitable for business premises.

Disadvantages: 1. The taste is too close, because one or two different coffee powders are used, and different coffee beans cannot be replaced frequently.
 2, the fragrance is not enough,

      3, using the machine to play the milk foam, bubble particles are thicker, can not be too detailed.

Serving Size: 120ml coffee.

Material: Italian coffee powder 10-15g, water 150ml.

Practice: Use steam pressure to brew the coffee ingredients in an instant. Please use the manufacturer and instructions to punch out the coffee you want.

Note: The coffee powder used should be ground to very fine particles.

Italian espresso maker (mocha pot)

Advantages: Simple operation and no need for much effort.

Disadvantages: The taste is light and the fragrance is not enough.

Serving Size: 80ml coffee.

Material: Italian coffee powder 16g, water 105ml.

Practice: 1. Pour water into the lower pot of the coffee pot, put the coffee powder container into the lower pot, and pour the coffee powder.

      2. Take a piece of filter paper and damp it, and lay it on the surface of the bottle mouth under the coffee.

    3. Place the upper pot on top of the lower pot, lock it and place it on the iron frame.

      4. Heat with an alcohol lamp until the steam rises and the water rolls to extinguish.

      5. Pour the brewed coffee into the mouth of the cup.

Note: This pot is cooked for a minimum of two servings at a time of 35-45ml.

Filter cup cooker

Advantages: suitable for personal use, simple, convenient, cheap, boiled coffee, alcohol, good drink.

Disadvantages: It is more time-consuming and requires practice. The sourness of the coffee that may be washed out at the beginning will be very heavy. The reason is that the quality of the coffee itself and the particle size are also important.

Serving Size: 120ml coffee.

Material: coffee powder 10-15g, hot water 150ml.

Practice: first fold the bottom line and edge of a filter paper to make it close to the filter, spread it on the filter bowl, put a coffee cup or orange teapot underneath, put coffee powder on the filter paper, flatten the powder, and dig a hole in the center. Make a mark, this is the position of the dripping water, so that the center point is buffered into the hot water in a circle.

Note: The coffee used should not be ground to very fine particles, otherwise it will be very bitter.

Siphonic (SYPHON) coffee cooker (usually found in cafes)

Advantages: brewed coffee, alcohol.

Disadvantages: 1, more time consuming.

      2, by experience, if the amount of water, temperature, time, water is not well controlled, it will become sour and no fragrance.