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I am so greedy recently, is there a problem with my body

I am so greedy recently, is there a problem with my body

2019-01-23 10:55:56

I am often asked: Why do I especially want to eat during this time? The normal food intake is not full, you have to eat more meals, or add meals between meals, can you feel satisfied, is the body a problem?

Not necessarily.

Our body is very smart. Under normal circumstances, if you eat enough, you will feel full and stop. If there is no change in life, the appetite will remain generally stable for a period of time and the weight will be substantially stable.

However, the following conditions usually increase the food intake.

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Disease recovery period

For example, after an injury, fever, surgery, etc., the body tissue needs to be repaired. In the case of tooth extraction, gastroenteritis, etc., temporarily affecting the ability to eat and digest, there will also be nutritional debts. Therefore, after the recovery of eating ability and digestive ability, the body wants to eat more, replenish the nutrients reduced in the previous period of time, and repair the damaged body tissue. This is a natural and very healthy reaction.

Don't worry at this time, just eat your own appetite and eat more. Understand that the body is not blown by air, and its repair and maintenance require nutritional support from food. Just like when the car is broken, it is necessary to change the parts. To paint, the maintenance requires a lot of effort, and the replacement requires extra resources.

Therefore, the recovery period after the disease requires additional nutrition. When the nutrient supply is good, the recovery rate of the disease will be accelerated; the recovery period will be sufficient and reasonable, and the post-illness constitution will return to the pre-disease state and even become better. On the other hand, if the nutritional supply after the illness is insufficient, the appetite will drop after discharge from hospital and fever, and it will be a worry.

Need to be reminded that this time you need to eat foods with high nutritional value, especially high-quality protein-rich foods. You must not take advantage of your body to recover those sweet potato chips because they are useless to repair the body and only increase fat.

2. After hunger or after a diet

The so-called dieting is to deliberately reduce the amount of food than usual. This includes reducing the amount of food, such as eating half a bowl of rice; it also includes reducing some of the more important foods, such as eating meat, not eating meat now; eating staple food, not eating staple food now, and so on. Dieting also includes reducing meals, such as not eating dinner every day, and not eating the other two meals.

Many people have realized that after dieting and losing weight, things that were originally thought to be less delicious will become especially delicious after a period of dieting. For example, the mooncakes that were not of interest, the biscuits that were not loved, the taro bread that would not have been greedy, can’t stop when they eat.

This is because, after eating for a while, the body feels that the nutritional supply is seriously insufficient, so I really want to eat more and make up, and the appetite becomes more difficult to control. This is like saying that you have lived in the same way. Now, because you have to pay a mortgage, you have lost one-third of your money. Naturally, you want to work as a part-time job. Add a class and think of ways to earn more.

The body does not feel the change in micronutrients, and its most sensitive is the change in calories. Therefore, after dieting, people tend to like high-calorie foods, and when they eat, they can't stop, and the feeling of "satisfaction" becomes dull. The result is that the fat is coming back.

With the instinct of the body, the hope of success is usually very embarrassing...

3. After the increase in physical activity

By adding physical activity, you can consume a lot of heat. For example, long-distance runners must run tens of kilometers a day during the training period, and the amount of heat required per day can be twice that of normal people. Therefore, their appetite is usually very good, and the amount of food per meal is amazing. Although we are not athletes, after increasing physical activity, we will increase calorie expenditure and then increase our food intake.

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For example, a man’s original job only needs to sit in the office and call a computer to write and write documents. Later, the unit sent him to the mountain to help the poor. He often climbed the mountain uphill and went to the village to walk around. Although the food intake has increased significantly, it has lost more than ten kilograms in half a year.

Another example is that a woman does not exercise and has a small appetite. Now for the sake of health, I have increased swimming for one hour every Friday. As a result, she feels that her appetite is obvious.

These are normal conditions. If you do not increase the amount of food and do not increase the supply of protein, you will easily feel fatigue, because the calories burned by the body and the protein needed to gain muscle are not compensated.

4. The metabolic rate rises abnormally

Some diseases cause an increase in metabolic rate, the body consumes more, and the food intake becomes larger. For example, when hyperthyroidism occurs, the amount of food will increase significantly, but the body weight will decline. If you do not eat more at this time, it will cause excessive decomposition of body protein and a significant decline in physical fitness.

However, thyroid hyperthyroidism is not only a symptom of eating but getting thinner, but also accompanied by other symptoms, such as prominent eyes, easy sweating, rapid heartbeat, and emotional excitement. Go to the hospital to check if it is hyperthyroidism, what type of hyperthyroidism. If it is such a disease, it is necessary to have regular treatment, not to delay.

5 eating disorders and other psychological behavioral diseases

Such as bulimia and binge eating, it will make people's appetite soar. When there is only one person, especially when the mood is not good, they often eat and can't stop. This increase in appetite is not a physical need, but a problem of psychological behavior that requires appropriate treatment.

See what kind of situation are you?

The last thing to be reminded is that many women call "eat more" and "eat too much" at all! Because the girls around are too little to eat, it seems that some girls with normal food intake appear to be "big stomach."

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Because each person has different genetics, different body sizes, different metabolic rates, and different physical activity, reasonable food intake is different. As long as you are in good health, normal weight, full of energy and vitality, you should eat yourself when you are satisfied. There is nothing to be embarrassed, and you don't have to compare with others to eat less!