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Fitness white fitness road, starting from this article!

The atmosphere of fitness is getting more and more prosperous. Many small partners around us have set up fitness cards. It is not about the big milk of the pearl milk tea, but about going to the gym to run the iron, and constantly moving on the road of beauty men.
But everyone will have some questions about fitness when they first enter the gym, so today this article is to solve the problem of fitness, and then better start your fitness path.

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1 Just starting fitness, how long does it take to practice a day?
Many fitness whites just stepped into the gym, they couldn't wait to get started, saying that they had to run warm and warm, but they ran into a physical exhaustion, and then they were sore on the bed the next day. In fact, for the novice fitness, our body has not experienced this kind of intensity exercise, the body is still in an adaptation stage, so we must first adapt the body to better accept the movement.
For those of us who just started to exercise, it is best to control the time of exercise for about 40 minutes a day. Some people think that 40 minutes is too short. In fact, 40 minutes is enough to exercise our body parts. Better avoid the embarrassing phenomenon of over-exercise.
2 What kind of strength is more suitable in the early stage of fitness?

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The intensity of fitness really needs to be done. Some people have good face. When they go in, they go straight to the weight-lifting guys who are heavy and iron. They fantasize that they can have a unicorn arm in a few days, but they are not able to withstand the exercise all the way. Living, I think life can't bear the weight is like this ~
The correct way is to see what weight is suitable for you, what kind of strength is suitable, and then control the number of movements to 15 times, so that the body can have a better adaptation process, and then the heavyweight, the body is not There will be discomfort and slowly step into the fitness track.
3 fitness purposes, should be fat loss or muscle gain?

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The purpose of each person to go to fitness is different, of course, it is different for people to reduce fat or increase muscle. Going to the gym like ours is a bit fat-reducing, but at the same time it can also be supplemented with muscles, so that you can develop a good body fat rate, the weight loss effect is more obvious, and the shape is good.
For some thin boys and girls, what they need is muscle strengthening, because they don't need to reduce the body fat rate as we do, so this group of people should use muscle to improve their muscles. Male-female.