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Cupping should pay attention to matters

This article guides: cupping is a method of Chinese medicine treatment, the use of cupping is very good for the body, not the cost of cupping in a health museum is not cheap, so ordinary people can cup their own at home? Today we will take a look at what you need to pay attention to when cupping at home.

Cupping should pay attention to matters

The cupping method has a specific treatment location like acupuncture treatment, and the selected treatment site depends on the purpose of treatment. In general, soft tissue damage, rheumatic pain, various nerve paralysis, and some acute and chronic pain, such as abdominal pain, back pain, stomach pain, etc., where can be painful, where is uncomfortable, but also need to cooperate with other specific Acupoints, such as low back pain and Fuzhong points (located in the armpit), visceral pain also needs to cooperate with the backing point, cold and cold with Fengmen, Dazhui, etc.; other diseases according to syndrome differentiation, disease identification, debate, experience acupoint selection, etc. .

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Many people think that the longer the tank is kept, the better the effect, but it is not. The cupping should also control the time. The longer the tank is, the better. Generally, it is suitable to stay for 5-15 minutes. If the tank has strong suction force, the time of leaving the tank can be shortened properly to avoid foaming. According to our experience, children should not exceed 5 minutes, and the elderly should not exceed 10 minutes. If cupping is performed in the same way as infrared rays or after infrared rays (usually more common in hospitals), adults can leave the cans for 10 minutes.

If you have symptoms such as blisters for too long, do not need to deal with the blister, only apply disinfectant gauze to prevent rubbing. When the blisters are large, use a sterile needle to release the water, apply the gentian violet syrup, or apply it with sterile gauze to prevent infection. Pay special attention to the skin damage and do not touch the raw water when it is not repaired.

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What to pay attention to when cupping at home

1. When cupping, choose the appropriate position and muscle fullness. If the position is improper, the movement or the bones are convex and concave, the hair is more suitable. Generally, the acupuncture points on the back are selected, and the prone position is selected. Some acupuncture points on the neck can be selected if the environmental conditions are limited.

2, to prevent burns (excessive alcohol on the cotton ball before cupping, do not touch the cans), can also be in the cupping place, beforehand, apply some water (warm water in winter). Applying water can cool down the area and protect the skin from scalding.

3. Select the appropriate size according to the location.

4. Pay special attention to check whether the tank mouth is smooth when taking the tank.

5. To explain the work to those who are nervous.

6, cupping action requires stable, accurate, light, fast, the method should be gentle when starting the can, with one hand against the skin of the can, press it, so that the gas leaks, the can can be taken off, can not be hard pulled or rotated.

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7, some parts are not suitable for cupping, such as apical area, large blood vessel distribution, body surface aortic pulsation, facial features and anus and other holes.

8, pregnant women with caution cupping, pregnant women's abdomen, lumbosacral ban.

9, when using the fire method to cupping, the flame must be strong, the action should be fast, so that the can mouth is tilted upwards to prevent the fire source from scalding the skin. When using the flash fire method, do not use too much alcohol in the cotton swab to prevent the alcohol from dripping and hurting the skin. When using the cotton method, it is necessary to prevent the cotton from being taken off. When using the fire method, the buckle cover should be accurate, and the fire frame should not be knocked over. When using a boiling water tank, the hot water in the tank should be removed to avoid scalding the patient's skin.