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Can green leaf vegetables make people's brains better?

In the winter, people found that the price of green leafy vegetables was much more expensive than the warm season. Many people felt that it was not worthwhile. They didn't want to buy green leafy vegetables. They used cabbage radishes and potatoes for the winter and felt that they would live.

However, many people did not think of a problem:

Can green leaf vegetables really not eat? If you don't eat, what kind of health loss will there be?

I have said many times that research evidence suggests that eating dark green leafy vegetables is good for preventing lung cancer, breast cancer, fractures, and arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

If these reasons are not enough for people to insist on eating green leafy vegetables every day, then if you know the results of a new study, you may be more motivated to eat green leafy vegetables, and it will not always be because the price of vegetables rises by one or two dollars. Complained.

A well-known academic journal called "Neurology" published an article that found that eating green leafy vegetables every day is good for preventing cognitive decline. (Article name: Prospective study on the decline of green leafy vegetables and cognitive ability)

The study on memory and aging enrolled 960 subjects, aged between 58 and 99, both of whom were middle-aged and older.

The researchers learned about their dietary content and conducted repetitive cognitive assessments with an average follow-up time of 4.7 years. These tests included episode memory, working memory, semantic memory, visual memory, and visuospatial ability, and perceptual speed. A total of 19 test tools were used. Each subject received at least two tests, 52% of the subjects received more than 5 tests, and the most received 10 tests.

The study found that the number of green leafy vegetables significantly affected the rate of cognitive decline with age (Figure, the most ingested Q5 group was significantly slower than the least-intake Q1 group).

Even if the influence of many other factors is eliminated, it can be confirmed that eating green leafy vegetables is beneficial to delay the decline of cognitive ability of the elderly. The most amazing thing is that the group that consumes the most green leafy vegetables has the advantage of cognitive ability as young as 11 years old compared with the least group! Researchers believe that this may be due to a variety of health care ingredients in green leafy vegetables.
Compared with other vegetables, green leafy vegetables are especially rich in vitamin K (chlorophyll) and folic acid. The highest content of α-tocopherol in vegetables is also rich in lutein and β-carotene, which is also the main dietary source of nitrate. In addition, they contain flavonoids such as kaempferol.

Therefore, according to the data in the nutrient database, they analyzed the intake of nutrients and health ingredients of these elderly people, and found that there is no significant relationship between β-carotene intake and cognitive ability, but other ingredients. The more intake of vitamin K, folic acid, lutein, nitrate, kaempferol and alpha-tocopherol, the less the decline in cognitive ability.

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In fact, to achieve such excellent cognitive ability, you do not need to eat vegetables in the basin. Researchers believe that eating only one serving of green leafy vegetables a day can help delay cognitive decline due to age.

In fact, epidemiological investigations have long confirmed that more fruit and vegetable intake is beneficial to prevent cognitive decline caused by age, but further analysis found that only green leafy vegetables play a significant role.

In this study, the number of vegetables was not much.

Green leafy vegetables that need to be cooked, such as spinach and kale, are only half a cup after cooking (1/2 cup cooked);

For green leafy vegetables such as green lettuce, 1 part is a cup of raw vegetables.

In short, a green leafy dish is probably 80 to 100 grams of raw weight. According to the recommendations of the Chinese Dietary Guidelines,

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Every day, between 300 and 500 grams of vegetables, half of the dark vegetables, mainly green leafy vegetables, so you can eat 150 to 200 grams per day.

If you have high blood lipids, high blood sugar, osteoporosis, obesity, etc., it is recommended to eat more.

There are still many people asking: Which vegetables are included in the green leafy vegetables?

It is the vegetables whose leaves are dark green and the proportion of leaves is large, including:

Cabbage, canola (including various varieties), rapeseed meal (including cabbage), kale, mustard greens, sauerkraut, leeks, spinach, fennel, sauerkraut, watercress, coriander (scallions), shallots, leeks , green garlic, asparagus, bitter chrysanthemum, oil wheat vegetables, green lettuce (not light-colored ball lettuce).

It also includes those dark green stems and tender flowering vegetables such as asparagus and broccoli.

There are also foreign kale, dark green cabbage, Brussels sprouts and so on.

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Their nutritional value and health value are really high, and only China can produce dark green leafy vegetables for more than one billion people, and the average price is much lower than the international level.

Although the production cost is high in winter and the transportation loss is large, the vegetable price of green leafy vegetables is rising. However, considering their benefits, it is worthwhile to save the money for eating fish and seafood, biscuit snacks, snacks and sweets, and put some low prices. Health care products are saved, buy half a catty of green leafy vegetables every day to eat, more worthy of their own health. Just remember to keep too much oil and salt when cooking!