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20 disciplines that must be observed when losing weight

There are always netizens asking me:

Can you recommend a weight loss method that works quickly and never rebounds?

I want to say that even if you find a magical weight loss method, you can lose weight in a short time, but if you return to your previous eating habits, shopping habits, and habits, then you will never lose weight in the world. Method, slim body can not be with you often.

This is because the root cause of our fatness is bad habits. If the cause has not changed, that is, using the magic diet pills minus 10 kilograms of body weight, will still slowly return to its original state, and even the lower the body fat rate.

At present, the international academic community no longer only regards overweight and obesity as a physiological problem, but a comprehensive result of complex problems in physiology, nutrition, psychology and behavior. In the weight loss program, comprehensive multidisciplinary measures must be included to ensure long-term effective weight management results. Of course, this also means that to be a qualified dietitian, you must be proficient in these skills in order to effectively guide weight loss.

However, after all, it is impossible for everyone to invite a good nutritionist. In the long years, it is up to the long-term self-discipline to control life.

Here, I summed up the 20 codes of conduct that must be followed during weight loss. As long as you strictly abide by these disciplines, you will not only be able to lose weight successfully, but also be able to stay slim for a long time!

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When buying food
1. Don't go to the supermarket when you are hungry, don't buy food online.

Many people have this kind of experience: when you are hungry, you especially want to buy food. You want to eat everything you see, and the more you have high-oil and high-sugar food, the more you want to buy it.

On the other hand, after eating a meal and then buying food, interest will be greatly reduced, and many things will no longer tempt yourself.

2. When you buy food, go to the store and look at the nutrition label.

It is necessary to purchase processed foods on the Internet (except for raw materials such as miscellaneous grains, fruits and vegetables, milk, etc.), and try to go to the physical store to buy processed foods, and give yourself more trouble in manufacturing.

Because you buy food in a physical store, you can view the ingredients list, nutrition label and other information of the food. Seeing that 100 grams of food contains more than 20 grams of fat, more than a thousand kilojoules of heat, I believe that you will have psychological barriers when you buy.

3. When you buy food, you only buy a small package that you have finished eating.

Whether buying packaged food or ordering food at the restaurant, you should buy small portions of food. In the supermarket, the big package promotion, "buy one get one free" these routines are traps for weight loss. When you buy big packaged food home, it is very difficult to control the amount of food you eat each time. Especially when the time is over, I can't bear to throw away the waste, so I have to eat it in my stomach and carry it on my body.

Before eating

4. Look in the mirror before eating, and strengthen the power to keep your body.

Self-discipline is a very difficult thing, and it is inevitable to indulge your emotions. Looking in the mirror before eating, seeing that your body is not ideal, the motivation to lose weight will be strengthened, and you can better restrain the desire to eat. On the other hand, if weight loss has already been effective, and seeing that your body is getting better, naturally, you don't want to let the previous efforts go halfway.

5. Be sure to eat something 30 minutes before meals.

Eating something properly before meals can make you eat less when you have a meal.

The key point is that the number of "pre-dinner meals" is small, roughly equivalent to one-fifth of the dinner.

For the selection of ingredients, natural ingredients are preferred.
For example, a dozen peanuts, a few almonds, a small apple, a cup of milk, a cup of yogurt or a cup of soy milk. (Of course, it is one of them!)

Studies abroad have shown that drinking two glasses of water 30 minutes before a meal can also help you reduce your food intake.

At mealtime

6. Eat only at the table and never touch food in other places.

Most overweight people have the habit of eating anywhere, eating while doing other things. When you are doing something else, your concentration is not on the food. The ability to judge the feeling of fullness is reduced, and you will eat more without knowing it.

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Therefore, when you look at mobile phones, computers, TVs, and chats, you can't eat anything. You can't eat while you are cooking in the kitchen.

7. After you have a good meal, lose another spoonful and leave a bite to eat.

A bowl of rice is a rough estimate, and one less is a difference. If possible, ask your family to help the meal, break up the rice, and let it loose, never put it down, and don't pile it up. Add only one-third of the bowl each time you add rice. This invisibly reduces the amount of food.

8. Change the order of meals and fix the amount of staple food.

Many people think that the dishes are used for rice, and the dishes are delicious.

The study found,

The order of eating to help control weight should be to eat vegetables with less oil and less salt, eat fish-rich eggs rich in protein, and finally eat some starch-rich staple foods.

Small mouth rice with big mouth dish, no matter how delicious the dish, rice can not eat more.

9. Eat as slowly as possible.

The study found that eating too fast is an important behavioral factor for overweight and obesity. The appetite of a person is controlled by the feeding center of the hypothalamus, and it takes time for various information of the digestive tract to pass to the hypothalamus.

The brain is too late to fully feel the "full" message, and the stomach has been filled with too much stuff. Take a bite and push the plate to the far side, and the speed will easily slow down.

10. Never accept a plate.

Parents have taught us that "good children need CDs and can't waste food." Especially after the parents, if the children don’t like the leftovers left, they will destroy them all, but they will turn the leftovers into fat. Therefore must

It is necessary to adhere to the principle that after eating, no matter what is left on the table, you are not tempted.

For those who have a little left on the table and desperately persuaded others to finish, be sure to stay away! Why don’t you eat yourself, you should persuade others to eat...

If you are eating out, take the rest of the food and take it home; eat at home, and leave the leftovers in the crisper and receive it in the refrigerator.

Outside meal

11. Eat a lot of high-protein and high-fat foods, eat as much as possible on the staple food.

When you have to eat at the restaurant, if the dishes are really greasy, the staple food should be eaten as little as possible. This will reduce the chance of synthesizing fat in the body.

12. If the dish is greasy, simmer oil.

Some dishes are oily on the surface, such as fried vegetables. If you want a bowl of hot water, eat it and eat it, you will eat a few grams of fat.

About meal times

13. Do not easily omit a meal.

If you are not hungry, eat less, but don't eat. Many people implemented the "Don't eat dinner weight loss method", but before going to bed, they were hungry and had a chest back and couldn't sleep. Finally, they couldn't help but eat a big meal.

In fact, the correct method is that the amount of dinner can be eaten less, lighter, try to choose large-volume, low-energy, dietary fiber-rich ingredients, such as miscellaneous grains porridge, potatoes, less oily vegetables, etc., to avoid those who eat it Unstoppable food.

14. Add food in advance before you are very hungry.

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If you feel hungry before going to bed, you can eat a little night snack. It is best to drink some milk, yogurt, soy milk, etc. at 90 o'clock. The time is especially important. You can't eat greasy food for 3 hours before going to bed.

If you are hungry between meals, don't be embarrassed. Before you have hunger, you must first eat something to eat. Don't endure to eat when you are particularly hungry. If you are hungry and lose your senses and eat again, it will probably lead to a gluttony meal.

Food storage

15. Hide your home snacks, snacks, candy, nuts, sweet drinks, etc.

It is best not to have food that you love to eat at your home. High-fat and high-sugar snacks and sweet drinks are delivered quickly, at least in opaque packaging and placed in invisible places.

The survey found that overweight people are mostly difficult to resist the temptation of food, and especially like foods with high oil and high sugar aroma, so it is necessary to cut off the source of temptation.

16. Always keep healthy, low-energy foods.

At home, you can have miscellaneous grains and miscellaneous porridge at any time. Do it more at once and put it in the freezer. You can take it out at any time. Don't buy it because you don't have time to make healthy food.

Hungry drinks such as milk, soy milk, and yoghurt are also available, as well as boiled water, mineral water, various teas, and sugar-free lemonade.

Psychological aspect

17. Tell everyone that I am losing weight.

Don't be shy when you participate in social activities. Be brave enough to tell friends and family, "I am losing weight." This way they are not too embarrassed to force you to eat and drink.

At the same time, you can also supervise yourself with this method: Since you have already announced that you are losing weight, you are naturally embarrassed to let go of your diet.

18. Adjust your mood to avoid overeating.

If you feel depressed, lonely and helpless, you may want to call your family, friends or weight loss companions, and feel relaxed after you talk to yourself. You no longer need to eat something sullenly.

If life has no goals, it is often empty and boring, and it is most likely to rely on the comfort of food. Let life have more content, find hobbies and goals, and it is best to have a group event with multiple people. After entering nature and friends circle, the mood will be brighter, and the temptation of food will be forgotten for a while.

Sports aspect

19. Do not sit down for half an hour after a meal.

This is conducive to the peak blood sugar drop after meals, it is not easy to synthesize so much fat. However, it is not required to exercise immediately after a meal. Activities such as cleaning up the tableware, cleaning the house, and walking are recommended.

20. There will always be a sport you like.

Don't say how boring, how painful, how unsuitable for you, you just didn't find the sport you like. Outdoors can run, climb, walk... indoors can have treadmills, elliptical machines, bicycles, rowing machines... group sports have Zumba, aerobics, yoga... Don't worry, don't give up, try more, always Find the sport you like, and you have the confidence to stick to it.

The so-called success or failure lies in the details, weight loss, and everything is the case. What we need is to cultivate good habits, a spirit of self-discipline, and a rational attitude towards eating.

Nothing can be eaten too much, too much, nothing can be eaten when losing weight, and nothing is infinitely indulgent.

As long as you persist, starting from the above details, these changes will become your own lifelong habits, making you a "eatless" person. Take a look, can you do a few?