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what vegetables women eat can promote enriching their blood

Do you want to know more about what vegetables women eat can enrich their blood? I believe you will understand after reading this article.

1, pumpkin

Contains protein, carotene, vitamins, essential amino acids, calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and other ingredients. There are also cobalt and zinc in the pumpkin. Cobalt is one of the important components of red blood cells in the blood; zinc directly affects the function of mature red blood cells; iron is the basic trace element for making hemoglobin, which is a good raw material for blood.

2, spinach

Spinach, is a famous blood food, for which iron-rich carotene is quite rich, so spinach are regarded as an important vegetables in enriching blood,other iron-containing food, like raisins, dried plums, apricots Dry and dried peaches are the most.

3, tomatoes

The fruit is in red color and rich in carotene, full in vitamin C and B vitamins. The protein component of yogurt can promote the absorption of iron. Therefore, the tomato yogurt juice which is made by combining tomatoes and yogurt is a good source for improving the absorption of iron in the body,which can effectively enrich blood.

4, leek

Rich in iron, calcium and vitamin K, it promotes blood clotting, increases hemoglobin content, enhances oxygen carrying capacity, and promotes hematopoiesis. Medical Education Network Collecting proves that leek contains carotene 2 times more than higher than canola fruit, it can provide rich nutrients for the human body, which is good for strengthening the body and improving the immunity of the body. It is called "longevity dish". More importantly, the leeks do not contain oxalic acid, and the calcium and iron contained in the leeks are easily absorbed and utilized.

5, carrot

Carrots contain high levels of vitamins B and C. They also contain a special nutrient, carotene. Carotene is very beneficial for blood supplementation. It is a good soup for blood supplements with carrots.