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Foreign media: After China refused to be a global garbage dump, it suddenly became a major exporter

  • Source:China Stainless Steel Net
  • Release on:2019-03-09
According to the Nikkei News Network report: China refused to be a global dump, but suddenly became Asia's most important iron waste "garbage" exporting country. According to the China Iron and Steel Association recently, in 2017, China exported 2.203 million tons of scrap, but in 2016 it was only about 1,000 tons, an increase of several thousand times.

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At the same time, China is also the world's largest steel producer, but the problem is that China's demand for steel is declining and iron scrap is surplus, which has led China to compete with Japan, the same exporter, in the Asian market. Japan’s iron recycling research institute has issued an early warning. The report “Focus on China’s Scrap Exports” pointed out that the continuous rise of China’s scrap exports is not a “small-time”, and China’s scrap exports are expected to remain declining. Even Japanese steel mills said that China’s seizure of the Asian market has become a reality and is killing our market.

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The Sino-Russian economy is currently in very good relationship. Considering that China has transferred excess steel production capacity to Russia, it is also very beneficial to it. This explains why Russia has made a "iron vote name" for China. The Russian satellite newspaper said that the Chinese company plans to build a steel deep processing industrial zone with a investment of 2 billion US dollars in Russia, which means that China will transfer its steel production capacity to the Russian Far East.

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Kevin Dempsey, vice president of the American Iron and Steel Association, once said: "The imports of the US steel industry from all over the world have shown considerable growth, and all the growth of steel seems to come from imports, a large part of which comes from China."