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The weather is getting cold, breakfast is warming up

The weather is getting cold, breakfast is warming up

2018-12-20 09:58:18
After a cold day, I began to prepare a breakfast with some soup water. Therefore, dumplings are the most common breakfast staple in my winter. In fact, I don’t really like these things myself. Maybe it’s my habit of not using these pastas when I was young. Anyway, when I was a child, I really didn’t eat dumplings several times. I can even say that I’m a dozen or twenty. I only ate a few fried dumplings, or went to the relatives of the city to eat. When the winter arrives, these breakfast tables are indispensable, and the week is not heavy, the children love to eat!

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After I had my own child, I turned out to be a little girl who loves to eat pasta. In this way, I didn’t know anything before. I started playing with flour, starting with the simplest dumpling buns. Fortunately, the white mice at home on my way to study are very cooperative, and I am very happy every time. Always praise my mother to be really delicious!

To be honest, I am the most afraid of the bag, I really can't make a good-looking sale. Although the child comforts me again and again, my mother is delicious, we don't sell it right! This time, the pork tofu stuffing was very delicious. It’s just that the dough is a little thin, so when it comes out, it feels like the soup is going to break out.

Ordinary flour: 250 grams. Warm water: 130 grams. Milk powder: 5 grams. Sugar: 6 grams. Yeast: 4 grams

specific methods:
1, add warm water to yeast, sugar. When the amount of water is added, reserve about 5 grams. After all, the water absorption of each kind of flour is not the same. It is recommended to leave a little, not enough to add.
2, warm water, yeast, saccharification and let stand for ten minutes. The principle of choosing warm water is not to be hot. After adjusting the water temperature of the water, add yeast and sugar. Everyone remembers that the temperature of the water is very important. If it is too high, it will not be able to burn the yeast. If it is too low, it will not activate the yeast and it will not be fermented.

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3, pour flour and milk powder into the melted yeast, if you do not use the bread machine, you need to add and use chopsticks to stir. Then rub the dough repeatedly by hand, according to the principle of three light. What is three light is "face light, hand light, basin light".
3, pour flour and milk powder into the melted yeast, if you do not use the bread machine, you need to add and use chopsticks to stir. Then rub the dough repeatedly by hand, according to the principle of three light. What is three light is "face light, hand light, basin light".
5, when the dough is expanded to twice, and the hand is torn open to see that the inside is full of bubbles and the peak group, the hair surface is basically completed.
6. Sprinkle the dry flour on the panel and remove the fermented dough until the surface of the dough is smooth. The process of cockroaches won't be too long, but it also needs patience. The softer the dough is, the simpler it is when the bag is wrapped. How to judge the degree of softness? You can touch your earlobe. Almost like this feel is OK!
Fritters. The fried food that I liked most when I was a child, I just didn’t think I grew up after I grew up. There is a lot of online search, soaking powder version, yeast version... Anyway, I don’t say every version I have done, but I have done it many times, of course, the failure is If you succeed, it will always fail a few times to know how difficult it is to succeed.
Materials used:
Ordinary flour: 250 grams (this amount can make six to seven fritters, a family of three breakfast is enough) Eggs: 1, salt: 4 grams, baking soda: 2 grams, no aluminum baking powder: 2 Gram, oil: 7 grams (applied with oil plus oh), water: 135 grams
specific methods:

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1, so after the materials are mixed, knead into a soft dough. As for the tactics, the three major requirements for making pasta are three light ha, face light, hand light, and basin light.
2, therefore, it is certain that you don't want to touch your hand. If you touch your hand, you can only do it without sputum. Of course, depending on the water absorption of the flour, when you add water, leave a little and add it.
3, this dough is a bit soft, as far as it is soft, you can touch your earlobe to know! After licking, put a layer of oil on the dough to prevent sticking, then cover with plastic wrap for a night, (I am used to let it relax for a night, the purpose of this step is to make the dough more malleable, without tangling, the longer the relaxation time It’s better to eat it later, but I tried it. But after all, there is no yeast in it and it won’t get bigger, right! Pay attention to the need to put the refrigerator in the hot weather. If the weather is too cold, it is not necessary.)
4, take out the dough the next morning, dust the dough on the chopping board, don't be too wide or too thin. (Too sticky, put dry powder, don't put powder, can't stick it, but don't smear it, if you smear it, when you fry it, put it loose and let it go.) When you cut it, you can see it yourself. Come and squat together, put a pressure on the middle with chopsticks. The oil temperature should be high. After the pot, the fritters will float up.
Egg fried rice, what do you think is the most indispensable, eggs? No, I am in the eyes of my child, the most important thing is the soy sauce. This child does not know how to be a child of great taste. When cooking, I must add a little soy sauce, saying that the color is deep and delicious.
There is no need to add any ingredients, what beans, corn, I want to add some green peppers, but people do not eat, even if I add, she will have patience where to pick one by one come out. It’s really getting better and better, so I’m not adding it.
However, for breakfast of egg fried rice, I will prepare another cup of soy milk for her. The kind I cooked now, she didn’t think it was good to drink. I didn’t expect to insist on doing it a few times. Instead, she felt that it was better than the original soymilk. It is. !
[Homemade salty chicken) The main ingredients: chicken breast, bread crumbs, eggs.
specific methods:
1, chicken breast washed and cut into strips, slightly thinner, evenly, easy to fry. Do not drain the water again, add salt, sugar, soy sauce, thirteen incense, oyster sauce and marinate for half an hour to let it taste.
2, when pickling chicken breast, prepare eggs and break up an egg, then prepare a small bowl filled with bread and serve.
3, pickled chicken, first pass the egg liquid and then put it into the bread crumbs, you must let the chicken will be completely wrapped in bread crumbs.
4, when the child does not have to say that they do it, so let her do it this time, I did not expect that, although it is the first time to do it, after all, I usually do more, she is really good at doing it. .
5, after all the chicken and willard semi-finished products are ready, you can prepare to fry the pot. In fact, there is a simple way to directly pour the egg liquid into the chicken fillet and mix well, then pour the bread into the bread and mix directly. However, this method is convenient, but I have tried it and it is not very useful. So there is no more lazy, or honestly one by one to wrap the bread!
6, the oil in the pot is burned to 70% heat, then the chicken will be fried until golden and fished out. Generally, I will choose to fry these with salad. However, sometimes I will choose the rapeseed oil brought by my mother. In comparison, the color of the rapeseed is more heavy and the fragrance is stronger.
Recently, I fell in love with drinking milkshakes. The calories are low and the taste is many. Anyway, I feel that I like them very much. Occasionally, I would choose a bag for breakfast that is too oily. Sometimes children who like strawberry taste will like it. Drink a bag, anyway, simple nutrition, very suitable for lazy or too busy office workers as a healthy breakfast.
Dumplings. After all, it has already entered the winter. If you have breakfast, you still have some soup and water. When you eat it, it is warmer. Anyway, the child likes it very much. She even thinks that the hot bowl is very comfortable. Warm, very happy on the way to school.
The weather is getting cold, breakfast is warming up, these breakfasts are shared with you, suitable for this season!