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The doctor does not recommend breakfast for the baby.

A nutritious breakfast is very important for your baby's healthy growth and development. However, when preparing breakfast for your baby, Mommy should be careful. There are 3 kinds of breakfast that have a great impact on your baby's health and can't be eaten anymore, especially in winter.

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The following 3 kinds of breakfast, no matter which season is actually not recommended for children, especially in winter!
In winter, children need to reserve nutrients and energy to increase their resistance and reduce their illness, because winter is better and less!

1, leftovers and cooked dishes
Leftovers leftovers, although they can be kept in the refrigerator, but after a night, there will still be some bacteria in the food. Therefore, Mommy should not give leftovers to the children in order to save trouble, and it is easy to get sick from the mouth and contaminate the bacteria. In addition, do not give your baby a cooked dish, usually these cooked dishes are easy to store, but the salt content is high, often for the baby to eat, will affect the health of the body.

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2, ham bread
There are also some parents who like to make a simple, "nutritious" breakfast for their children in the morning with toast, ham, lettuce and dipping sauce. In fact, this breakfast is not suitable for children to eat. Although such breakfast is relatively high in calories, it lacks nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and there is a serious nutritional imbalance. In addition, in order to extend the shelf life, ready-to-eat foods such as ham and dipping sauce have additives and other substances, so it is not recommended to give them to your baby regularly.

3, too cold fruit and vegetable juice
Although fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and other nutrients, they can help your baby strengthen body resistance and better growth and development. However, in the morning, do not give your child cold juice. The normal temperature in the human body is 37 degrees, and, in the morning, just wake up, the organs in the baby are still not fully active. At this time, drinking cold ice juice, cold-stimulated organs such as the stomach, is easy to appear.痉挛 and other phenomena. In addition, even if the baby is not abnormal at the time, but this time is long, it will also cause damage to the baby's digestive organs.

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The mistake of brain development For the baby after weaning, after weaning, we should gradually add complementary foods to gradually adapt to the normal eating habits of three meals a day. Of course, because the baby is still small, it should be based on eating less and eating more meals. Between the three meals, Mommy can add some dairy products, fruits, snacks and other complementary foods to the baby in due course. But be sure to pay attention to ensuring the safety of food.