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The coffee that the robot rushed, did you drink it?

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-07-11
This newspaper (reporter Cao Yu Tang Ningna) recently held a China-based innovation and entrepreneurship fair held in Guangzhou. Some people tasted the cappuccino made by the coffee robot and said that they did not inject the soul. People's discussion. This reporter visited the site and found that although the coffee robot is more flexible and more efficient, it can always be a tool that can't replace human feelings.

Recently, the reporter went to a coffee shop near Zhichun Road in Beijing. The ace product in the store, the automatic hand-washing coffee arm, is working. The water-sending robot shuttles the crowd to the customer to add warm water. The ice cream robot on the side wields the “arm” as The customer makes ice cream, and there is also a robotic arm dedicated to greet customers. The whole cafe is full of technology.

In fact, coffee robots are not new. In March 2016, at the Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Expo, the fully automatic hand-cranked robot developed by the Bubble Lab Robot Lab became the focus of the day. In August of the same year, the team set up the café in Beijing. In July last year, they introduced automatic hand-operated coffee arms and automatic milk faucets.

Compared to the flexible robotic arm used in other robotic cafes, the coffee robot in front of the reporter is smaller and more flexible. “This is our 4th generation coffee robot. The first 3 generations of robots are also based on robotic arms. They can print photos, make flowers and make anthropomorphic movements on coffee, but in fact they are not flexible enough and inefficient. People in the first 3 months There is also a sense of freshness, and it takes a long time to get tired of aesthetics. So we developed the fourth generation of robots to make coffee and improve the quality of coffee.” The waiter introduced the reporter to the side.

Steaming and brewing are skills that need to be practiced by the barista for a long time. When brewing, the barista needs to concentrate on doing repeated rounding exercises, but even a very experienced barista can hardly make two cups of flavor. Hand brewing coffee. The reporter saw that the 4th generation coffee robot has a slide rail that can control the sliding of the water outlet. With the rotation of the arm, the robot can accurately draw the circle above the filter paper like a hand-operated barista. About 3 minutes, a cup of coffee is sent. In front of the reporter.

“Using the automatic hand-washing coffee arm can make repetitive movements for a long time, reduce the error rate, ensure the precision of the hand-crushing process, and improve the efficiency of the product,” said the partner of the coffee shop.

At present, although the level of coffee robot production has reached 80% of the barista's average level, the partner does not think it can really replace the barista. “Coffee technology(Stainless Steel French Coffee Press company) is always a tool, and it can't replace human feelings. Coffee robots have liberated the hands of baristas, so that they can focus on understanding customer needs, according to the personality and mood of customers, the origin of coffee beans, the taste and the thickness of the mill. Preference, design, and create a customer's favorite coffee. So, the emergence of coffee robots, more important to the importance of the barista."